Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

As tradition, our 2014 year in review:


 photo newyears5_zps8e8e77b1.jpg
The boys enjoyed ringing in the New Year in their festive hats with fancy glasses of "champagne" (sparkling juice).
We had a pretty boring start to the year as evidenced by this post.  Although I am a little ashamed to admit that I didn't follow my "resolution" to get healthier quite so well as I had hoped.  Haha!

 photo goodday9_zps45ae142e.jpg
We had some good days and bad days this month with news about my mom's health declining rapidly and unexpectedly from a lung infection while she was in the hospital.  I also had my wisdom teeth extracted and awaited news from the doctor about my own health concerns. 

 photo Momobituarypic2_zps23ee9afe.jpg
On February 4, 2014, we had to make the decision to take my mom off the ventilator when it was no longer working satisfactorily.  It was a tough decision for my dad, but he felt he was honoring her wishes.  
 photo snow22_zps52c2e272.jpg
We got our first snow day of the year. 
 photo circus1_zpsca42a850.jpg
We went to the circus again.
 photo snow24_zpseb7458d4.jpg
We enjoyed a few much better snow days with 3 days of snow falling to give us about 8 or 9 inches.
 photo valentines5_zpsf455f010.jpg
We celebrated a snowy Valentine's
 photo basketball5_zpsb911fa52.jpg
Evan finished his first season of basketball.

The beginning of the year gave us many lemons, but we refused to let it get us down.  I finally got some answers to my health concerns, and the boys were all relatively healthy and happy.  We also started seeing some welcome Spring weather that always seems to lift our spirits.

 photo Spring1_zpsb06d626b.jpg
We prepared to welcome and enjoy another beautiful Spring, my favorite season of the year.  
 photo Spring14_zpsb999d404.jpg
We wore our green for St. Patrick's Day
 photo park13_zpsb5737069.jpg
As tradition, we enjoyed spending one of our first warm days of the year at the park. 
 photo EvanBirthdayCollage_zps6793ffcd.jpg
Evan celebrated his 7th birthday
 photo birthday38_zps060ac69c.jpg
We celebrated Evan's birthday with an awesome bowling ninja party
 photo preschool19_zps0df72c13.jpg
Brody was really enjoying school.
 photo baseball6_zpscb8853f8.jpg
Evan began his first season of machine pitch baseball

 photo easter12_zps5cda10dc.jpg
We celebrated Easter visiting Washington D.C. and seeing the last of the cherry blossoms.
 photo DC1_zps980f8846.jpg
Our Spring Break vacation to D.C. marked the beginning of the many good times ahead. 
 photo zoo28_zps7659bff1.jpg
We loved seeing this mama and baby panda at the National Zoo
My sweet little Brody turned 3!

 photo Brodybirthdaycollage_zpsef1eb8a4.jpg
We celebrated Brody's birthday with an awesome choo choo train party

 photo picnic6_zps2db2936b.jpg
Brody wrapped up his second year of preschool with a fun little picnic. 

 photo Spring18_zps08e0f0eb.jpg
These boys enjoyed playing outside a lot this Spring.  We have to enjoy the outdoors before the heat and mosquitoes make it unbearable.

 photo Mattiecollage_zps6e45fe3c.jpg
We almost wrapped up a full year missing our sweet little angel
 photo baseball45_zps1cb60618.jpg
Evan finished up another fun season of baseball
We made some big family changes this month as I chose to leave my current employment to stay home with the boys for a while.  It has been such a blessing!

 photo Memorial19_zps6ae36fd7.jpg
We celebrated Memorial Day and Grandma's birthday with a little cook out and cake. 

 photo schoolcollage_zpsa963a116.jpg
Evan finished up a successful year at school
 photo father1_zps3d399e97.jpg
We celebrated our amazing Daddy for Father's Day
 photo Anniversary1_zps205d3018.jpg
We celebrated 11 years of love and laughter together. 
 photo splashpark20_zps5a9d41ba.jpg
We enjoyed a whole lot of summer fun!
 photo MattieBirthdayCollage_zps127ab323.jpg
Mattie celebrated her first heavenly birthday
 photo birthday2_zps736693b0.jpg
We had a nice little birthday celebration for Mattie complete with pink balloons and cupcakes. 

 photo 4thJuly5_zpsef1959f8.jpg
We celebrated a fabulous 4th of July in our city. 
 photo summer38_zpsb75bb9fb.jpg
Lots of summer fun!
 photo Tweetsie45_zps0c0421d1.jpg
Visiting Tweetsie Railroad was one of our most favorite summer activities. 

 photo 20140805_180114_zps5987ee2a.jpg
Daddy left us for two weeks to help fight a wildfire out west
 photo pictures5_zpsdce83331.jpg
The boys and Mommy said goodbye to Daddy and prepared to spend our last weeks of summer alone. 
 photo waterslidingcomparison_zpsffe75bdb.jpg
Mommy packed us all up by herself and drove to the beach.  The boys enjoyed the water park and slides while we waited for Grandma, Papa James, Aunt Naomi, and Grady to arrive. 
 photo beach89_zps67eef2eb.jpg
We thought we would only have one day at the beach with Daddy, but he gave the boys the biggest surprise when he arrived only one day after we arrived at the beach.  
 photo beach1_zpsbb8fa946.jpg
Our first attempt at some family beach pictures was not fully successful as Brody refused to smile. 
 photo beach133_zps3afadff3.jpg
We got to "meet" some celebrities
 photo familycollage_zps89ceeb3c.jpg
We took our traditional beach family pictures
 photo Evan1_zps650bff86.jpg
Evan started second grade

 photo Cocoa20_zpsf2ec2543.jpg
We welcomed this little cutie into our family.  And oh my, I can barely even fathom her this small.  Seems like it only lasted a week.  She now weighs about 48 pounds.  Sigh. 
 photo Brody11_zpse46a8239.jpg
Brody started his 3rd year of preschool
 photo announcement6_zpsc3e43b1c.jpg
We announced the pending arrival of our little rainbow
 photo baby4_zpscc0d3ea7.jpg
Our first glimpse of our new little one. 
 photo Week16_zps971625f6.jpg
We made it to week 16 with our little avocado. 
 photo soccer12_zpsfa048b5b.jpg
Brody enjoyed his first soccer experience
 photo soccer47_zps98cf0c9c.jpg
Evan's 4th season of soccer


 photo cubscouts1_zpse55212cd.jpg
Evan becomes a Cub Scout.
 photo gender1_zpsca1963a5.jpg
We announced that our rainbow is another boy!
 photo ultrasound1_zps9ca25098.jpg
We got another peek at our little one at 18 weeks
 photo camping3_zps3ea72091.jpg
Evan and Daddy went camping together for the first time with Cub Scouts.
 photo camping43_zps6a4ecce8.jpg
And caught his first fish
 photo Brody16_zpsff176ae9.jpg
Brody got his first trophy!
 photo Halloween1_zps7366b66c.jpg
The boys made a super cute ghost fighting duo for Halloween

 photo Fall6_zps6d19730b.jpg
The boys enjoyed some leaf pile jumping
 photo hike5_zps46b1a1df.jpg
We all enjoyed our Veterans' Day Nature Hike
 photo soccer14_zpsc83700bf.jpg
Evan got a medal for another awesome soccer year
 photo boat6_zps897548cb.jpg
Evan did a great job making and sailing his boat for Cub Scouts
 photo Thanksgiving38_zpsceacf1aa.jpg
We all enjoyed the Charlotte Thanksgiving Day Parade
 photo Thanksgiving54_zps0b96b5a2.jpg
We all enjoyed our little Thanksgiving feast

 photo Christmas1_zps87d444b3.jpg
We started the Christmas season with the annual tree lighting ceremony
 photo tree9_zpsa5eb457e.jpg
We found our tree
 photo tree23_zps8e554f42.jpg
We decorated for Christmas
 photo Mattox1_zps6f1f4f8f.jpg
We got another peek at our very expressive little man at 28 weeks
 photo Christmascard_zps6b3c9ee7.jpg
And we prepared to celebrate another joyous Christmas together. 
 photo Santa4_zps166dde21.jpg
The boys both enjoyed meeting Santa again
 photo Christmas84_zps3718206c.jpg
We celebrated Jesus' birthday
 photo Christmas109_zps5f88f277.jpg
And had another fun Christmas morning and day
Whew, that turned out to be quite a year!  Adios, 2014!


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