Saturday, July 30, 2016

Fun in K-town

The town I affectionately refer to as "K-town" is Kinston, NC.  I attended my last two years of high school in this county in the eastern part of the state, and K-town won its way into my heart.  Okay, I admit those fond memories have more to do with the people that I was hanging out with those days.  One of my favorite old high school friends and one of the few that I still try to stay connected to is Regina.  We just couldn't visit the New Bern area again which is less than 30 minutes from Kinston and not catch up with our pals, Regina and Cooper.  Cooper and Evan are nearly the same age and really hit it off last summer.  Life, work, etc. keeps us from getting together nearly as often as I would like, but I am thankful for these summer trips that are allowing us to hang out.  Since we had done most of the sightseeing around New Bern last year, I wanted to hang out in Kinston for the day because I knew that there were some new additions to the town.  It was never a very big town when we were younger and still isn't, but it has gotten a few more fun updates.  I enjoyed seeing how this little town has grown and thrived through the years even through tough economic times.  And of course, the company made it even better. 
 photo Kinston1_zpsc90yiuds.jpg
This water park has been built in recent years as a collaboration between Kinston's Parks and Rec Department and their local Woodmen of the World Insurance business.  Mattox was still feeling a bit under the weather since our trip to the beach that weekend so he wasn't loving the water.  He mostly sat with Mommy and Ms. Regina and watched the bigger boys play.

 photo Kinston2_zpsmunidzyq.jpg
The boys loved the lazy river.  Regina pointed out that it wasn't that "lazy" of a river for relaxing because you would frequently get sprayed with water as you floated along. 

 photo Kinston3_zpsbblitd6l.jpg
I thought Mattox would enjoy this little lion which was a small slide for the younger kids.  He wasn't able to slide down by himself yet, and he wasn't happy about being put into the cool water.   Brody, of course, loved the slide.  There were 3 slides, but this one was the only one he was old enough to do although with a life vest, he would have loved the other ones.  I went up the stairs to encourage him to try it and then had to follow him down.  I had to overcome a severe case of claustrophobia for that feat as I hate enclosed and tight spaces like this slide.  We prefer more open slides, but Brody went down numerous times after this and loved it.

 photo Kinston4_zpsgm59bfgp.jpg
He was very proud of himself for doing it all by himself. 

 photo Kinston5_zpsd4i6obcj.jpg
Cooper demonstrated for Evan how to go down the zebra slide on a float. 

 photo Kinston6_zpsdyjbz5tk.jpg
He did it but never seemed to love it.  I think he prefers the slides without floats. 

 photo Kinston7_zpsxpw0esdo.jpg
Happy water baby!

 photo Kinston8.jpjg_zpsl1cuxc8g.jpg
He is so silly!

 photo Kinston9_zpsvv3e3jiy.jpg
It wasn't an easy feat to make the boys pose together for a picture.  Evan and Cooper just think they are too old for such nonsense these days.  Sigh. Brody did love following Cooper around, and you would think they were the brothers.  Haha!
 photo Kinston10_zpsm6ggdcpa.jpg
After eating lunch at a K-town landmark known as Pizza Villa where we spent many of our early school dismissal days eating lunch, we headed over to check out this little nature museum.  Cooper demonstrated how to touch a horseshoe crab.  Evan wasn't so brave although he did manage to touch one at the aquarium the next day. 

 photo Kinston11_zpsym5msekp.jpg
Ugh, yeah, these are not my friends.  North Carolina boasts several varieties of very poisonous snakes like this copperhead and rattlesnake, and I take no chances and avoid them all. 

 photo Kinston12_zpsurea4qcv.jpg
These animals were a little cuter.  The bird loved singing "happy birthday."  I think the prairie dogs and even that little skunk lying on his back were pretty cute, and turtles are always a hit.

 photo Kinston13_zpshlkaxjmk.jpg
But these creatures....ahhhhh!  Yep, they are the World's Most Dangerous Creatures!  Haha!

 photo Kinston14_zps1fhnfons.jpg
Yikes, does that mouth need a cleaning.  I feel like I needed to scrub that tongue.  Haha!  The boys loved playing inside though.

 photo Kinston15_zpsduuwdyxp.jpg
Brody investigated being digested in the stomach.  Yes, I am that mom who told him he came out as poop.  Haha!

 photo Kinston16_zpspdsi6q9u.jpg
And exploring a giant heart.  The big boys had already left him to do big boy things, but we enjoyed being entertained by Brody.

 photo Kinston17_zps9mvpsi8t.jpg
A little replica of the local hospital which actually had an under the sea theme inside.  Brody also entertained us with a puppet show and a magic show.  He is a multi-talented guy.

 photo Kinston18_zpsb9w8jor4.jpg
Poor little Mattox still wasn't feeling well as he watched from the stroller.  He is just so sweet.  Maybe he was being hypnotized by the Foucault Pendulum?  Have you ever just watched one of these?  The principle is that it shows Newton's Laws of Motion at work as the pendulum never stops moving as long as nothing contacts it.  It appears to move in different directions throughout the day, but you have to realize that the pendulum isn't moving or changing direction so it must be the floor and the earth that is rotating. 

 photo Kinston19_zpsarou3fty.jpg
As their last fun activity together, we took a little train ride.  Brody may have developed many other interests lately, but he still appreciates a train.  He loved spying things like this horse and totem pole on the ride.

 photo Kinston20_zps0jevontb.jpg
There were also miniatures of local buildings and a cave with a BEAR!  Yikes!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Enjoying June {2016}

As has become the norm, our June was short and busy as the only month our kids will get out of school for the summer and as we spend half of it traveling with Daddy for work.  We tried to pack a lot into the month around our traveling adventures.  The weather wasn't as hot as the previous year, and we didn't start getting really hot until July.  Still, we do stick to activities to help keep us cool as the weather heats up.
 photo June1_zpsn1jbiq6q.jpg
Evan finished up the 3rd grade and got to bring home this big art project he was very proud of.  He painted his life size Egyptian mummy coffin complete with his name in hieroglyphics. It is currently hanging on his closet door in his room.
 photo June2_zpsekow93nc.jpg
My little Ferdinand with a flower he picked.
 photo June3_zpsx3wfktwd.jpg
This little guy has become so independent lately and loves feeding himself.  He ate all of the egg and sausage from his biscuit for breakfast.  We do have to watch him and keep him from stuffing too much food in his mouth because he just wants to keep shoveling it in.

 photo June4_zpsw34tfsj7.jpg
This boy entertained Evan's class at his end of year project presentation.

 photo June5_zpsjzacojf7.jpg
Cousin Grady came to play and enjoyed turning the sand table into a mud table by mixing the water and sand together.  He's a mess. 

 photo June6_zps8mejgye6.jpg
Little Mattox watched the fun from the window and really wanted to join the fun.  It was very hot although most of our patio was shaded.  I put water in the water tables to help them keep cool. 

 photo June7_zpso0qd4lo4.jpg
Sweet cousins playing together.  Those boys were soaked!

 photo June8_zpsykz47zad.jpg
I wouldn't let them back in the house when they were covered with sand and water so we hosed them off.  They loved Daddy chasing them with the water hose.  And you got to love little boys running around in their underwear and diapers.

 photo June10_zpsoasqtl8w.jpg
Mattox climbed through the tunnel by himself with a little help from big brother Brody.

 photo June11_zpsjgpcnbnn.jpg
The boys love this pretty fountain water feature and playground at a shopping center in Cary where we like to eat at one of our favorite places.

 photo June12_zpsw4rciosj.jpg
Most of the playground is very hot with no shade in summer, but they have a little kids' play area with a big umbrella over it for shade so Mattox could enjoy playing for a little while.

 photo June13_zpso7ew2wgd.jpg
These boys still haven't seen The Angry Birds Movie.  I think we went to see Zootopia at the cheap theater that we love. 

 photo June14_zpshjxuqfeg.jpg
The boys and I were just killing time in Raleigh and decided to walk around my old college campus at Meredith.  It was pretty hot outside so we decided to check out the library and were pleasantly surprised to find they had added a whole kids' section downstairs.  This area used to be taken up for research books, law books for the paralegal program I took, and my old college campus job at MCTV station (the college's TV station). 

 photo June15_zpsabx7tpts.jpg
The boys love a good fountain, and I just knew I was going to have to pull Brody out of this one.  It is very shallow and almost ground level around it.  This one is in the middle of the main courtyard with the main dorm buildings surrounding it.  I remember my first winter here when we got one of our biggest snow storms on record.  This whole courtyard filled up like a bowl with snow at least 12 feet deep.  It was so fun!
 End of School Pool Party!

 photo June16_zpsbeztej8x.jpg
Evan's Cub Scout friend, Kyle, and his parents hosted lots of school and Cub Scout friends to a fun pool party at their home.  They live on some beautiful property with two ponds, a huge yard, and a beautiful house and pool.  The boys had a blast on one of the hotter days of the month.  It was actually Memorial Day weekend so our neighborhood pool was filled to capacity, and we were thankful to be able to enjoy swimming in a less crowded pool.

 photo June17_zpslg9pyepy.jpg
Evan enjoyed a crazy water gun fight while Brody preferred to enjoy the full ice cream sundae bar.  He had two bowls of ice cream.  Sigh.

 photo June18_zpsmqrghxtn.jpg
Mattox enjoyed hanging out with Daddy in the shade while taking a swim break.

 photo June19_zpsom39wrtk.jpg
Of course, the boys loved the diving board.  Evan had missed having a diving board to practice his jumping.  No diving yet.

 photo June20_zpspf5gfvdu.jpg
But he can get some crazy high jumps.

 photo June21_zps00cxdhrh.jpg
My baby and I enjoyed cooling off in the shady side of the pool.

 photo June22_zps6kibotwz.jpg
And Brody was not going to be outdone by big brother Evan and enjoyed doing some jumping too.  At most public pools, he wouldn't be allowed to jump off the diving board since he still wears floaties, but I love that he got to enjoy himself here.  We are working on swimming some without our floaties, but he is still pretty hesitant.

 photo June23_zpskgfsdypk.jpg
We started Evan's second week out of school by visiting this little splash pad at the playground we love in Cary while Evan was taking a little art class at an art studio in the shopping center.  I had checked the week before when we were there and realized they were doing summer art classes and this week was the only one he could really do it so I signed him up for Monday's class when they would be painting their own versions of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

 photo June24_zpsemtxifhx.jpg
This baby was not thrilled with the cool water shooting out in the splash pad and did his very best pouty face.

 photo June26_zpsylhbenel.jpg
Brody enjoyed the water and running around with his truck in the water.

 photo June27_zps2j3cnuro.jpg
Mattox did touch the water a little before he attempted to crawl away and then stayed over at the fence as far from the water as he could get.  He loves water, but he still doesn't like moving water very much.

 photo June28_zpsyzbkhtuo.jpg
Big brother Brody loves letting the water shoot him in the face.  Haha!

 photo June29_zpsoegzglmr.jpg
There was no shade, and I was afraid Mattox's head would burn so I tried to keep his hat on him.  He usually takes it off as soon as I put it on, but he will keep it on longer when it is backwards.

 photo June30_zpsepchuzzl.jpg
Big brother showing us his masterpiece.  This was his first experience painting on canvas, but I think he would benefit from more instruction.  This "classes" are just handled by young high school students so they really don't teach much technique. Evan finished his painting quickly so he could color which kind of disappointed me.  We decided to do some painting practice at home later in the month to see what he could really do with more instruction and supervision.
 photo June31_zps35a1erib.jpg
This kid is a mess.  He plays hard and sleeps hard.  I found him sleeping like this in the living room half on the end table and half on the couch one day while I was fixing us lunch.

 photo June32_zpsxjvm8tj0.jpg
Yes, we do think Mattox's hair looks very similar to Mr. Einstein's.  Haha!

 photo June33_zpsnm8wwj15.jpg
The boys were playing cowboys together one morning.  Brody is the bandit, of course.  Mattox won because he was holding the canteen.

 photo June34_zpszjbb9wwp.jpg
We have been doing baby walking boot camp a lot trying to get this boy to let go and walk.  He did get really good at standing on his own while we were at the beach. 

 photo June35_zps0r4t2yxm.jpg
We stopped to leave some flowers for Nana on our way home from our travels to the coast.  I had planned to take these flowers way back at Easter and then Mother's Day.  Her birthday was June 18th so we got them to her just a few days after her birthday.  She is buried beside her parents, my grandparents.  Granny died at age 90 the year Evan was born.  I am so glad she got to meet Evan.

 photo June36_zpsqxjwzdoy.jpg
We enjoyed a few days at home before heading to the mountains the next week.  Mattox just looked too cute that morning.  I love the silly face with his tongue hanging out.

 photo June37_zpse5ppvl6l.jpg
Brody had missed his pal, Cocoa.  She couldn't go to the beach with us and stayed with Grandma.

 photo June38_zpsuno0pqj8.jpg
My little soccer fan was excited about the Copa America tournament that weekend.   We had lucked out and found this USA Copa America jersey at TJ Maxx that week, and he wore it proudly.

 photo June39_zpskjqemdfx.jpg
We started our painting projects for Father's Day while we were in New Bern waiting for Daddy to finish his first teacher's academy. Evan and I had picked this painting from Pinterest as we thought he could it better and get a good idea of blending colors and brush techniques.

 photo June40_zpshdgwdrb9.jpg
I painted my own version of Starry Night, and Brody and I worked on this cute dinosaur art. 

 photo June41_zps1umskiq3.jpg
Brody enjoyed taking some silly pictures of us while we were watching the Copa America championship in our hotel room.  He caught Mattox in a fussy mood while I was trying to cut his fingernails.  Do all kids think this is torture?  He hates having to sit still and let me hold his hands. 

That just wraps up the in between moments from our month of traveling. 


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