Friday, October 31, 2014

Trunk or Treating

Last weekend, the boys enjoyed getting to wear their costumes and get a head start on filling their candy buckets at Brody's school trunk or treat.  So many people came out to open their car trunks, decorate them, and hand out candy to our little ones so we were very thankful.  The boys were a big hit in their costumes, especially with the over 30 crowd.  Haha!  I admit this may be my favorite of any of their costumes so far.  Now, if I could have just gotten Eddie to dress as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, I would be completely satisfied.

 photo Halloween1_zps7366b66c.jpg
Yep, they were our cute Ghostbuster duo this year!

 photo Halloween2_zpsafe563b9.jpg
Brody enjoyed seeing some of his school friends dressed up.

 photo Halloween3_zpsc81454ad.jpg
I was just thankful that Evan's costume came with an inflatable proton pack as making one costume was plenty for me.  

 photo Halloween4_zps93effda6.jpg
A ghost, a mermaid, and a monkey...that sounds like the making of an interesting book or movie. 

 photo Halloween5_zps4c4fcff9.jpg
Little ghost getting some treats.

 photo Halloween6_zps8800a381.jpg
I just love them. 

 photo Halloween7_zps95001d58.jpg
Ghostbuster Evan leaving his ghost behind.

 photo Halloween8_zps09654c9c.jpg

 photo Halloween9_zpsa023222e.jpg
Brody is just too cute of a ghost to get busted. 
Happy Halloween, ya'll!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More October Events

October has just gone by in a flash.  These boys' social calendars are just getting so much busier, and we have been so busy with them every weekend.  Shuffling both to soccer games/practices, school, Evan to Cub Scouts events and other play dates, and some fun neighborhood events have been keeping us running.  We have not yet had an opportunity to do some of our favorite fun fall events, but we hope November will offer us more of those opportunities.

Neighborhood Oktoberfest

Our neighborhood host an annual Oktoberfest event for all the families.  Evan has so many friends in our neighborhood now so he loves these opportunities to get together with them.  Our neighborhood is pretty large so we don't often get to meet up with or run into his friends.  The event is fun for adults and kids.  The kids enjoy several inflatable bounce houses while the adults enjoy eating brats and drinking beer.  Who do you think has more fun?  Haha!  Evan was such a blur at this event, and I could barely keep up with him much less take his picture.  He just thinks he is grown lately and wants to run off and play with his buddies.  Brody wasn't a big fan of the inflatables this time as they were pretty packed with kids.  He preferred a little bean bag toss with a lot of other kids more his age.

 photo October13_zps4ea52d90.jpg
Brody figuring out the bean bag toss.
 photo October14_zpsd52ad62f.jpg
He preferred being a little closer.  Ha!

 photo October15_zps2ef11eef.jpg
One of the few shots I could get of Evan playing a rough game of tag or wrestling with his buddy.

 photo October16_zps26a3c417.jpg
Uh oh, Patrick charges head first.

 photo October17_zpsb4b37486.jpg
Tackled.  These boys need to go out for football!

Cub Scout Pumpkin Smashing

At Evan's last Cub Scout meeting, his troop had some fall fun carving pumpkins, shooting pumpkins from a catapult, and smashing their carved pumpkins on the ground.  It would seriously have made me so sad to smash a pumpkin I had just worked hard to carve, but I guess boys just love to smash and destroy stuff.  Haha!

 photo October18_zps22971118.jpg
They had to plan out their pumpkin design. 

 photo October22_zpsc84b3b99.jpg
An interesting creation. 

 photo October19_zps3c8e0fdc.jpg
The pumpkin catapult.

 photo October20_zps6f57cb83.jpg
Evan's turn

 photo October21_zpse35f7ed1.jpg

 photo October24_zps491c3acb.jpg
They added a fog machine for a dramatic and spooky effect on their pumpkins.

 photo October25_zpsaabd18e3.jpg
Spooky pumpkin

 photo October26_zpsfec65d50.jpg
Preparing for the smashing!

 photo October28_zps3925f4f5.jpg
Climbing the ladder for more height.

 photo October29_zpsd7f4bcc3.jpg
And there goes the pumpkin.  I understand it was quite exciting.

 photo October23_zps7c202fc8.jpg
Evan also got a lot of belt loops and pins that he earned at his weekend camping trip.  
 photo October30_zps9fe0a92f.jpg
Evan's belt loop collection has grown:  soccer, swimming, basketball, fishing, ultimate frisbee, hiking, and bbshooting for which he also got a pin.  
First Sleepover, Trunk or Treat, and Neighborhood Pumpkin Painting

This past weekend, Evan had a busy Saturday.  He had a soccer game, then he had to go sell some more popcorn for Cub Scouts, and then he went to his best buddy's house for a sleepover.  It was his first sleepover with a school buddy, and I would not typically feel comfortable allowing Evan to spend the night with a school friend yet, but we know this family pretty well.  Evan's friend's mom was their substitute teacher last year for a large part of the year, they live in our neighborhood, and they are in Cub Scouts together.  I feel comfortable that this lady can handle these boys.  She actually bravely allowed a couple of other boys to stay as well that are all good friends through school and Cub Scouts.  They went together to a fall festival at a local church and just enjoyed playing together.  Evan's friend's dad is a retired Navy pilot so he and his son have helped fuel Evan's new love of airplanes I think.  I did get a text at about 9:30 that night that Evan was sad and wanted to come home.  I said I would come over and talk to him and see if he wanted to stay or come home, but then the dad said he had gotten him cheered up and ready to stay.  I think Evan just missed us and was getting really tired after his long day.  I think his friend's dad has a very patient and playful way of dealing with them similar to Eddie.  He said they started a laser gun fight around the house, and Evan was having too good of a time after that.  After we picked Evan up after breakfast and went to get lunch, we had to get some last minute things for Brody's costume which I made.  I finished his costume just in time to go to Brody's school for a trunk or treat.  Both boys enjoyed getting an early start on getting treats, and they were a big hit in their costumes.  After the trunk or treat, we rushed back to our neighborhood for the annual pumpkin painting event.  Whew, what a weekend!

 photo October1_zps183511d0.jpg
Brody proudly painting his pumpkin. 

 photo October2_zps774df1c6.jpg
Both boys concentrate so hard on their work. 

 photo October3_zps3a21a202.jpg
Evan decided he wanted to paint an American flag on his this year. 
 photo October6_zps9213fc7e.jpg

 photo October4_zpsd7c10ad5.jpg
Brody's was quite a color explosion.  
 photo October31_zps841ad0ad.jpg
I helped Evan get his colors a little more separate as the paint wanted to run together and make pink instead of red and white stripes.  

 photo October32_zps278dd1a2.jpg
I helped Brody make a sticker face and add the feathers, but he did all the painting. 

 photo October33_zps0e82bd23.jpg
A lovely colorful pumpkin.

 photo October5_zps8e8f00a2.jpg
Daddy brought Cocoa so she could get some exercise and have some fun too.

 photo October7_zpse6e3fe6a.jpg
Brody enjoyed running up and down the big hill much like his big brother.

 photo October8_zps533b0002.jpg
Cocoa is growing so fast!

 photo October9_zps99683a13.jpg
I was a little too far away for this picture, but I loved how Brody was leading the way up the hill with some other boys his age.  It made my heart happy watching them play like big boys.

 photo October10_zpse4df6da5.jpg
Coming down the big hill.  Brody is very cautious while the others don't care if they fall.

 photo October11_zps09105932.jpg
Sweet big boy

 photo October12_zpse4e71e50.jpg
They just sat down under the tree at the top of the hill and played. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Memories of Halloweens Past

For some reason, Halloween is such a fun time for me and our family.  I only have a few pictures of myself dressed up in costumes when I was a kid.  We lived in a very rural part of North Carolina so neighborhood trick or treating was just not familiar to us.  We would have to walk miles just to visit a few neighbors, and most of our neighbors were not going to participate with so few kids to treat.  Most of my Halloween celebrations involved parties at our church which were lots of fun.  When Eddie and I got married, we enjoyed living in town and getting to pass out candy to lots of trick or treaters.  Then, we moved to Charlotte shortly after Evan was born so we have been enjoying fun trick or treating in the city ever since.  I have enjoyed being able to dress the kids in coordinating costumes for the last few years with one exception, and we try to come up with fun and creative themes for them.  I just know I am going to treasure these pictures and memories for years to come and hope they will too!

 photo Halloween2007_zps00c747a0.jpg
2007 - Evan was just the cutest monkey ever.

 photo Halloween2008_zps9028dbea.jpg
2008 - And the cutest pirate.  This is one of my favorite all time pictures of him.

 photo Halloween2009_zps1f426adb.jpg
2009 - And oh the sweetest looking dragon you will ever see.

 photo Halloween2010_zps9e572487.jpg
2010 - Then we made an exception and let him be a cartoon character one year.  Sigh.  He was a cute little Buzz Lightyear though.

 photo Halloween20111_zps50ef6744.jpg
2011 - Brody had to be a monkey like big brother his first year.

 photo Halloween20112_zps530ae405.jpg
And the cutest little parrot sidekick ever.

 photo Halloween2012_zpsd0f3ef17.jpg
2012 - And Evan made us make another exception on not dressing together this year as he wanted to be a red ninja.  

 photo halloweencollage_zpsfaec0045.jpg
2013 - But he jumped back onto the theme bandwagon to make the cutest cop and convict duo last year.  

Stay tuned for our 2014 cuteness!


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