Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our Family Thanksgiving

Eddie and I decided we wanted to stay home and celebrate Thanksgiving in our own home this year.  We planned and prepared the menu and invited Eddie's family to come up and share our meal with us on Friday since we planned to go to the Thanksgiving parade on Thursday.  Our menu included a delicious turkey prepared by my amazing chef husband (I have seriously never had turkey prepared better than my husband's at any time in my life, ya'll!  He goes the extra mile to make sure it is well-seasoned and very moist.  This year's recipe called for cooking in a whole bottle of champagne.  What's not to love?), homemade mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and rolls.  For dessert, we had both pumpkin and pecan pie which both turned out great, I am proud to say.  I grew up loving Southern pecan pie made with the beloved corn syrup, but now we make it without the corn syrup, and it is just as good if not better.  We all ate until we were stuffed, of course, with plenty of leftovers to last several days.  That's part of what Thanksgiving is all about, right?  Well, that and being thankful.

I think Brody's mealtime prayer song that we sing at all our meals actually sums up our thankful list quite nicely.

"God our Father, God our Father,
Once Again, Once Again.
Thank you for our Mommy,
Thank you for our Daddy,
Thank you for our Evan, 
Thank you for our Brody, 
Thank you for our Baby,
Thank you for our Cocoa,
Thank you for our Grandma,
Thank you for our Papa,
Thank you for our Aunt Naomi,
Thank you for our Grady,
Thank you for our food,
Amen, Amen." (of course, he says "Oh man" here...haha!)

 photo Thanksgiving56_zps6a030648.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving51_zps98134d89.jpg
Eddie carving the turkey.

 photo Thanksgiving57_zpseb50e28c.jpg
The Thanksgiving feast

 photo Thanksgiving52_zps28057e4a.jpg
Brody wanted Grandma to blow on his food to cool it.  He definitely had the most diverse plate of all the kids.  He will eat just about anything and tried a little of everything. He treated the cranberry sauce like it was a condiment to dip his turkey in.  Haha!

 photo Thanksgiving53_zps5a7d84ee.jpg
He is just a kid after his Mommy's own heart and just makes her so happy!

 photo Thanksgiving54_zps0b96b5a2.jpg
The cousins had their own little table.  Grady had to sit with his big cousins.

 photo Thanksgiving55_zps72e805c7.jpg
And he did a great job eating like a big boy too.

 photo Thanksgiving58_zps490bc394.jpg
Big cousin Brody trying to tickle Grady.  Grady wanted to play rough and wrestle with his cousins.

 photo Thanksgiving59_zps8c39e375.jpg
He "mastered" the flop and kept throwing himself on the ground wanting someone to "tackle" him.

 photo Thanksgiving60_zps8c9f0084.jpg
Brody just loves cheesing for the camera.

 photo Thanksgiving61_zpseefbbdfc.jpg
Grady did not want to let Brody wear the football helmet.

 photo Thanksgiving62_zpse72a8637.jpg
Because he wanted to wear it.  Another football lover in the family?
 photo Thanksgiving63_zps8a0bd985.jpg
Trying on cousin Evan's old boots.

 photo Thanksgiving64_zps68d4d17d.jpg
Trying for one picture of the cousins together.
We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Charlotte Thanksgiving Day Parade

One tradition I have never felt inclined to participate in is standing in the freezing cold to watch a big Thanksgiving Day parade.  This year, we decided it was time to try out this tradition with the boys right here in Charlotte.  I feel that we got the "full" experience complete with freezing fingers and toes by the end of the event.  The temperatures were in the low 40's here in Charlotte, and I imagine a few degrees cooler in the shade of the big buildings in uptown.  The parade lasted over two hours, and we debated leaving early but decided to stick it out.  The kids were reasonably well behaved with Brody only trying to "escape" a few times.  I think they enjoyed the parade and did not seem to mind the cold nearly as bad as their parents.  We don't really invest in warm winter boots around here, and my toes were numb with cold.  Still, we thought the parade was a good experience to do once every 4 or 5 years.  The rest of the time, I will be content watching on television from the comfort of my home.  We did catch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade later that evening at home and felt that both parades had a lot to offer.

 photo Thanksgiving1_zps23e6d477.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2_zpsda69d721.jpg
The boys enjoying some gaming entertainment on the kindle before the parade started.

 photo Thanksgiving3_zps0f99ae1d.jpg
Watching the police escort at the start of the parade.

 photo Thanksgiving4_zpsf808ecf6.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving6_zpsb79b08a7.jpg
The giant Queen Charlotte turkey balloon.

 photo Thanksgiving5_zps58cda6db.jpg
One of the biggest marching bands in the parade.

 photo Thanksgiving7_zps472acfb3.jpg
A Thanksgiving cornucopia float with a local NC band.

 photo Thanksgiving8_zps3494eedc.jpg
I hate I didn't get a picture of this pumpkin balloon with the full word "Thanks" showing.  Just really irks my OCD.  

 photo Thanksgiving9_zps3756064b.jpg
The Panthers were represented.

 photo Thanksgiving10_zpsb893e7c7.jpg
With a big football balloon.

 photo Thanksgiving11_zps51ef0ecd.jpg
These new segway balloons were the newer additions to the parade.

 photo Thanksgiving12_zpscde20dcc.jpg
Mr. Penguin was a favorite with the kids.

 photo Thanksgiving13_zps0b6fcb9a.jpg
My little man staying warm.

 photo Thanksgiving14_zps1e63be11.jpg
The Charlotte Knights, our minor league baseball team.

 photo Thanksgiving15_zpsb9e0ff63.jpg
I guess the Knights added some additional mascots, including a King, Queen, and Court Jester, recently.  Homer the Dragon is an old favorite as we have met him on many occasions.

 photo Thanksgiving16_zps0bb3631d.jpg
Our former Charlotte mayor and current Governor Pat McCrory.  

 photo Thanksgiving17_zpsf65f0631.jpg
I loved the Charlotte Fire Department's display. 

 photo Thanksgiving18_zps10800072.jpg
This Scottish bagpipe band was amazing. I love their outfits and the music.

 photo Thanksgiving19_zpsc8c182b5.jpg photo Thanksgiving20_zps8d24783b.jpg photo Thanksgiving21_zps45f0a48d.jpg photo Thanksgiving22_zpsc29559cd.jpg
I love this succession of firetrucks through Charlotte's history.  

 photo Thanksgiving23_zps6b40d77a.jpg
A special firetruck honoring fallen firefighters.

 photo Thanksgiving24_zps6b289dde.jpg
The boys loved this giant Mr. Potatohead fireman balloon.

 photo Thanksgiving25_zps7e9a758a.jpg
Patriotic Revolutionary War balloons.

 photo Thanksgiving26_zps6588205e.jpg
And balloons honoring the armed forces.

 photo Thanksgiving27_zps5b975042.jpg photo Thanksgiving28_zps35200a4d.jpg
And some red, white and blue stars.

 photo Thanksgiving29_zps6f135ab3.jpg
Our Boy Scout Council will celebrate its 100 year birthday next year. 

 photo Thanksgiving30_zps11bebd60.jpg
A cute rocking horse
 photo Thanksgiving31_zps16261c2c.jpg
The Wells Fargo Stagecoach

 photo Thanksgiving32_zps1b6ecb70.jpg
Three chilly but happy parade watchers.

 photo Thanksgiving33_zpse1f07da3.jpg
A cute duck, monkey and bear bicycling down the street.

 photo Thanksgiving34_zps4c0b8d19.jpg
Gus the Talking Safety Bus was all dressed for the holidays.

 photo Thanksgiving35_zps4746984c.jpg
The Very Hungry Caterpillar may have been my favorite.
 photo Thanksgiving36_zps1971478e.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving37_zps23b41496.jpg
It's Popeye the Sailor Man.

 photo Thanksgiving38_zpsceacf1aa.jpg
Evan liked this big orange dog.

 photo Thanksgiving39_zpsfe282214.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving40_zps7de37117.jpg
And one last appearance by Queen Charlotte the turkey.

 photo Thanksgiving41_zpsd81b7561.jpg
Probably the biggest and best presented marching band was actually this South Carolina band.  Of course, most of the kids' parents work in North Carolina and live just below the state line in the Fort Mill area.

 photo Thanksgiving42_zpse91562c2.jpg photo Thanksgiving43_zps197f7f48.jpg
This cute cookie making float was sponsored by our local natural gas company.

 photo Thanksgiving44_zps2ae5b534.jpg
Festive Christmas jingle bells.

 photo Thanksgiving45_zpsbc369ac9.jpg
McDonald's float

 photo Thanksgiving46_zps95ec9d65.jpg
The reigning Miss North Carolina rode on this float sponsored by a big car wash chain.  Apparently, it was a special wash for reindeer.
 photo Thanksgiving47_zpsf459c903.jpg
A cute little, umm big, elf

 photo Thanksgiving48_zps7aeacfc2.jpg
The gingerbread man did not want to stand up.

 photo Thanksgiving49_zps48bb9427.jpg
And finally, the boys waved to Santa.

 photo Thanksgiving50_zps16f63e5b.jpg
We just had to stay for the parade finale to get our first look at Santa for the year.
When the parade was over, our cold family was ready to warm up and eat lunch.  We had planned to go home to eat lunch, but since it was later than we anticipated, we decided to hit the local Cracker Barrel.  Our family Thanksgiving meal would not occur until the next day.


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