Friday, July 20, 2018

Jolly July {2018} ~ Part I

Summertime is always such a nice slower time with no sports and school obligations.  We really just enjoy our slow days at home together.  Traveling is nice but with four young boys, it isn't always easy.  So for most of our summer, we just enjoy staying home.  Here is a look at how we spent our July: 

Our little town's 4th of July decorations were up at the beginning of the month, and we enjoyed one of our regular visits to Mellow Mushroom for kids' night. Brody always makes me some art while we wait for our food. 

This kid found some interesting places to sleep this month.  He fell asleep while eating his lunch and then fell asleep on Brody's top bunk.  

These boys cannot resist a drink...primarly sweet tea. 

A visit to our neighborhood pool helps cool things off. 

The boys love playing in the water with daddy. 

Brody practiced his underwater swimming while Mattox and I rode on the float. 

I caught Evan jumping in. 

Evan wishes our pool had a diving board or slide, but he has to content himself with a pool float for fun. 
I made us smoothies and homemade coffee cake for breakfast.  Whenever I sit down to put lotion on my feet, I have two little gremlins who insist they need lotion too. 

Lunchtime can get crazy with this crew.  Mattox and Grayson dancing in the restaurant. 

Evan has a blast at our church's fun summer events.  They were playing kiddie pool kickball. 

Soaking wet boys.  Better than sweaty boys.  Haha! 

Evan brought his best neighbor friend, Lee, for the fun.  These two are almost twins.  They both have the light reddish blond hair, love sports, very close birthdays, are super smart, and have younger brothers. 

Evan and his church friend, Coby, who is also a 6th grader and also almost exactly the same age born in March 2007.  

Evan was so fast even on the slippery plastic that he never got thrown out. 

I love my days with these babies...even potty training one of them.  Grayson wanted to use the potty for daddy too.  I enjoyed my coffee and homemade coffee cake for breakfast. 

The kids enjoyed our church's version of Vacation Bible School. 

It had a very beachy theme this year. 

Chick-fil-a is one of our favorite places to be.  Our kids always eat well there. 

Yay for the beach with good friends!  I am so glad we got to meet up with Kelly's family again at the beach in Hilton Head.  Lance was just loving the water and the waves. 

Mr. Matt and Brody enjoyed swimming together.  

Mr. Matt found a living sand dollar to show the kids.  Brody and Lance were very curious about it. 

I love when I get to swim with all my babies.  Evan and Brody joined me and Grayson.  

Playing in the sand is fun too.  Mattox and his bucket of water...haha! 

Evan and Brody were play fighting or something. 

Just a fun day at the beach. 

Sand castle building with my babies. 

On Sunday, our boys' VBS was completed.  Brody decorated his shirt with a picture of Jesus and his sister Mattie and all of his family.  I also captured a shot of France winning the World Cup for Evan who missed it for a fun church outing.  

Evan and his group of teenagers enjoyed going to a waterpark after church.  Evan had fun and didn't mind that he lost his flip flops.  Haha!  

Enjoying some ice cream at McD's. 

All of the kids at shirt wore color coordinated shirts for their groups that they decorated themselves.  They put on a show for the church. Brody really gets into his performance as seen on the far right of the picture in blue. 

Evan enjoyed his last year participating in this elementary age event.  He looked like he enjoyed himself on the far left side of the picture.   

Mattox and Grayson love playing dress up.  What a cute cowboy and pirate! 

Then, they switched. 

Grayson decided to be a construction worker.  I just enjoyed my ice cream while watching their show. 

I thought their themed costumes reminded me of the YMCA song and video.  
Mattox enjoyed using his "new to him" bike that Mrs. Kelly passed on to him.  I had always wanted to try a balance bike.  Mattox got the hang of it really quickly. 

These babies love playing outside even when the bugs are terrible.  Sigh.  They look like teenagers heading off in their BMW.  Yeah, probably not a totally accurate view of their future.  

Dinner time.  Yep, I have always mixed peas with my mashed potatoes.  Who needs gravy? 

Brody and I did some reading on the kindle.  Mattox and Grayson put on an impromptu concert with Mattox playing the bongo drums and Grayson on the xylophone. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Celebrating Independence Day in Savannah

Our family enjoyed a new tradition of watching the fireworks on Historic River Street in Downtown Savannah.  The fireworks on the river were really beautiful, and it was a festive event.  The boys always enjoy our adventures downtown, and we look forward to continuing this tradition as they grow up.

We walked by the police station on our way to River Street.  There is a cool half taxi, half police car out front.  

Brody likes to get his picture with all the monuments around town.  We haven't yet gotten to try Leopold's Ice Cream because it is always so crowded.  

We opted for some Ben & Jerry's instead.  

The boys enjoyed playing with their light sticks while we waited for the fireworks. 

Pictures with our glow sticks. 

Some cool motion shots of the glow sticks. 

And some group pictures in our red, white & blue. 

The Savannah riverfront and riverboat ferry looked pretty in the setting sun. 

And finally, the fireworks began.  Maybe one year we will buy tickets to watch from the ferry. 

Mattox really enjoyed watching the fireworks. 


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