Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Big Announcement

Well, I can't seem to get caught up here these days, but I didn't want to wait too long to share this crazy bit of news.  This crazy 5 really want to tell you something...

Don't they look excited? 
Well, this crew of 5 is about to be...

Yes, their parents are a little bit crazy!

Becoming a family of 8. 
So yes, we are expecting AGAIN.  Yes, it was a bit of a shock and surprise, but we will never consider a new baby anything but a blessing from God! 

And yes, we have been blessed with another baby girl made with love. 

She appeared very healthy at her 19 week ultrasound. 
Yes, I am getting rather large already after five pregnancies.  

We shared the special news with her big brothers, and they had a special gift to open. 

Brody loves presents and couldn't wait to see what was inside. 

Grayson was even curious. 

Hmmm, Brody that is not the appropiate way to hold a baby. 

Big brother Evan shows them how its done.  Big brother Mattox is already a baby lover. 

Sweet big brothers

And Grayson came to see. 

Brody was very interested in seeing the baby's pictures. 

Grayson wasn't too sure about holding the baby yet. 

But he sweetly accepted his duty. 

Check out that sweet smile. 

And I think he is ready to love her! 

Very special kisses! 

I love this big baby boy! 

Giving baby her paci will be part of his job. 

And Mattox has a lot of love to give his baby too.  

Already a pro at being a big brother. 

And Mommy loves her special little boy. 

Mommy and Daddy are especially excited to meet our little Valentine princess. 

Yes, our baby girl will be joining our family around Valentine's Day next year.  We thank you for all of your positive thoughts and prayers in the months to come as we anxiously await her arrival.  We know she has her special big sister Mattie watching over her too! 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Sherry's 38th Birthday

My 38th birthday was a pretty simple affair in which I was surrounded with the people I love most.  I am already such a blessed wife and mother so I really couldn't ask for anything more.  I just love being with my babies!  My sweet husband made me a very delicious chocolate cake with oreo cheesecake filling, and we all went to eat dinner at one of our favorite places. 

Some birthday decorations and a yummy cake with candles make a birthday feel special.  I know my candles are mismatched, but they were reused from kids' birthdays.  Haha! 

I love these babies of mine, and they love helping me blow out my candles. My sweet Mattox was loving the candle flames. 

We were really enjoying Mommy's cake. 

Mattox and Grayson just loved the whipped cream topping. 

The obligatory picture with the giant minion at Mellow Mushroom. 

My handsome husband posed for a picture with Optimus Prime, and my sweet boys Brody and Mattox made me some birthday pictures. 

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Awesome August ~ Part 2 {2018}

The rest of our August was equally awesome and fun with a fun day at the park with the Cub Scouts, more pool fun, and playing outside as much as we could. 

Brody's Cub Scout troop rented a large water slide and had a fun day at the park to kick off the new year.  Grayson liked the homemade slip and slide with just some plastic and soapy water to make it extra slippery. 

Brody loved the waterslide. 

I helped the little boys make some cute boats to float with cut up pool noodles and paper sails. 

Evan played with Grayson on the slippery slide while Brody played a ball game with his buddies. 

I guess they were all clean after playing on this slide.  Haha!  They were definitely covered in soapy bubbles. 

My cute baby boy. 

Enjoying some watermelon. 

Just hanging out with Daddy and wanting this big ball. 

Later, we had another fun day at the pool.  Evan's neighbor friends joined us and played football in the pool. 

Beautiful baby enjoying his snack. 

Another beautiful baby. 

They don't often all sit together to eat breakfast because during school, the big boys get up and leave before the babies get up.  I thought it was sweet that they all ate together. 

Enjoying some chicken wings at Evan's favorite eatery. 

My boys love chicken wings. 

Just days filled with feeding kids, watching their crazy antics like one leading the other around on a leash like he's a pet, and watching soccer practices. 

Brody's sweet back to school art project and just Grayson being cute as usual.  

Grayson and Mattox love driving their cars all over the house, and Grayson likes making a mess with the fridge magnets. 

We try to get outside as much as we can.  The sunsets were pretty nice. 

Grayson did some lawn mowing and played some basketball. 

Oh how I loved those little curls!  

Mattox is such a great helper, and he is quite ingenious in finding ways to do so.   Daddy's was using the hedge trimmers so Mattox found his own way to help by using his toy pliers as trimmers. 

Evan started a new soccer program to improve his skills and be more competitive. 

We all enjoyed a sweet treat at Dairy Queen after Evan's soccer game. 

I enjoyed my oreo frappuccino while Mattox and Grayson enjoyed their ice cream. 

I tried to take selfies of my growing baby bump, but I really hate bathroom mirror selfies.  Blah!  Brody made me an interesting picture of a waterfall in a jungle.  He also helped his troop sell popcorn.  

Grayson and Mattox love to fall asleep on the couch. 

Silly pizza face! 

Grayson loves to help with the laundry from loading and unloading the washer and dryer to helping fold. 

Just hanging out at big brother's soccer game. 

Daddy was showing Mattox how to use his duck call. 

Life is never dull with these boys.  Mattox was so cute wearing his goggles in the car.  I guess he needed eye protection. 


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