Saturday, September 7, 2019

Grayson ~ 2 1/2 Years

I have really been so behind in documenting our lives and in capturing the precious moments of my youngest children's lives.  Grayson is my fourth born son, and I hate that means that I have very limited time to spend with him.  In those moments that I can steal for just him, I usually just want to spend them holding onto him as tightly as I can and cuddling my precious baby boy.  Of course, he doesn't really like that very much as he is a tough little man who wants to play rough with his big brothers.  I do love when he gets tired and sleepy and wants to cuddle or when he sweetly holds his little arms out wanting to hold his baby sister.  His favorite things seem to be watching Octonauts either on television or on the kindle, being chased around the house and wrestling with the older boys, and drinking lots and lots and lots of liquid beverages (which does make potty training a little tricky).  I stole a few moments with him outside in the yard to take some sweet pictures of him just doing whatever he wanted to do.  I love how expressive he is.  I also needed his picture in these Oshkosh overalls before he outgrew them because all of his brothers wore these too.  They are my favorites!

How grown up does he look with his little hands in his pockets? 

Ugh, pay no attention to how bare and ugly my porch looks.  It really needs some love this year! 

Grayson checks out the few azaleas left on the bushes. 

Sweet sweet smile. 

He loves to point out everything he sees.  

Checking on the grass or looking for critters. 

"What's that?"  He says that a lot. 

"What, mom?  What do you want me to do?"

Okay, I will just look cute. 

And pretend like something is stinky by holding my nose. 

Beautiful boy

Blowing kisses. 

He likes to roar like a lion. 

Oh my goodness, what could be cuter than a little boy holding his overall suspenders?

Yep, he is very mischievous. 

Now how do I take these off?

I just love that face! 

Of course, we had to do an epic comparison of all the boys wearing the special overalls.  

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Evan's Soccer Season ~ 2018-19

This fall, Evan wanted to play more competitive soccer so he tried out for our local soccer club's select 11U team.  Several of his friends and church buddies were also on the team.  The team went through some changes throughout the season with a coach change and losing some players.  Evan really advanced a lot throughout the season.  He initially played mostly defense and was instrumental to the team in stopping the opposition.  He started playing more offensive positions and was very fast getting the ball down the field.  The coach switches weren't always easy for the team as they learned what a new coach expected of them.  The team really had to work on learning to play together as a team, and by the end of the season, their team game was much improved.  This team didn't play in any tournaments, but it was a good team building year.  We hope they can advance to the next level next season. 

Our little pro soccer player.  

Going head to head for the ball. 

Go #2! 

Evan just exudes confidence on the soccer field.  It is definitely his best sport. 

Huge kicks to get the ball out of the hands of the opposing team. 

Fighting for the ball. 

Handling the throw in. 

Get that ball, E! 

He looks like a pro kicking the ball. 

I love watching my boy in action.  

Ready for an early morning game. 

Go Evan! 

They either wore navy or gray jerseys.  

Blocking the opposition. 

My handsome soccer player. 

I love his face when he is enjoying the game! 

We finally caught his goal on camera when he played the striker position.  Go Evan! 

The team wrapped up a good season of growing together as a team.  The coach gave them a good pep talk to end the season. 

And a team photo was a must.  Go Raiders! 


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