Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Playing Putt Putt on Pirate's Island {Hilton Head}

Anyone who knows us well knows that our boys love playing putt putt.  We all miss our many summer vacations in Myrtle Beach where we play tons and tons of awesome putt putt courses.  The sheer variety of putt putt themed courses will blow you away.  We are way overdo for another visit to MB, but for now, our boys were just longing for some putt putt.  Hilton Head Island only has two putt putt courses.  We played one earler this year, and the boys were begging to try the pirate one.  They also love pirates!  So one weekend as a reward for being good and patient children while we were doing the dreadful task of car shopping, we decided to play pirate putt putt on the way home.  Our car shopping had not yet been successful so we needed something to cheer us up. 

This course was very well designed with lots of fun things to see and do. 

Oops, these two mischievous boys ended up in the stockade. 

And so did Evan, but he broke free to play some golf. 

I really only showed him how to hit the ball, and he took over from there.  We have another putt putt lover in the house! 

Brody sank his putt in the hole! 

Awe, poor Mommy!  I was put in the stocks for being a terrible golfer.  Ha! 

Well, I think I put Evan in there for winning.  I am a sore loser.  Haha! 

Paying tribute to our poor pirate friend, Bartholomew Roberts, who had to walk the plank.  

Daddy and Mattox sank his ball in the hole. 

Ooops, Brody ended up in the rough. 

Evan is the putt putt champ.  He has many years of experience. 

Mattox tried to crawl through this little hole to get to Daddy. 

My boys just having fun. 

Grayson was not too thrilled about having to sit in the stroller.  He wanted to whack someone with that club.  I don't know what Mattox's problem was.  Maybe Grayson did whack him. 

Trying out the cannon.  Maybe Evan thought it would shoot out his golf ball. 

Silly boys. 

I think Brody got a hole in one.  That is our traditional hole in one pose.  Mattox enjoyed petting the pig and sheep cargo on the pirate ship. 

The course looked cool at night.  Apparently one of the pirates had taken a swim in the water tower and couldn't get out so he had turned into a skeleton. 

The boys enjoyed the pirate cave and were checking on a prisoner in the cell.  

Finally, the boys said goodbye to their pirate friends...or see ya later because they promise to come back soon. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Satisfying September {2017}

September was a pretty full and fun month even with the boys back in school.  We started the month with a trip to the beach for Labor Day weekend and celebrating my birthday, experienced our first hurricane evacuation and got an impromptu hurrication, started another season of youth sports, and just played, played, played.  Here is the customary monthly photo dump:

The beach is our happy place, and we can't wait for many more visits to St. Simon's Island as we think this is our new favorite. 

My boys made me feel so special on my birthday. 

Good lessons learned at church this month. 

For a very special birthday treat for me and my littlest boys, we visited Oatland Wildlife Center to play with bunnies and see some other wildlife. 

Oatland is located on a beautiful piece of marsh property on the islands off the coast of Savannah.  I am not sure what the beautiful old building used to be (maybe a school), but it is beautiful.  We went for a special storytime all about bunnies.  She was reading one of my favorite books, "Guess How Much I Love You."  

Mattox was hesitant to touch the bunny, but he didn't mind sitting beside him.  I do want another pet bunny one day.  

We made a little bunny hat, and Grayson tried it on. 

Grayson really loved the bunny too. 

I just love these fun days with my little boys.  I am so very thankful to be at home with them right now. 

After storytime, we took a tour of the facility.  There are a few small animals inside, but most are outside in large habitats.  We saw some snakes, fish, and turtles.  The bunnies will soon be moved to a new large outdoor home. 

There is a really nice walking trail through the forest to see the other animals.  We saw the owl house with several different species. 

The Alligator Wetlands were a little scary as the alligators were out lounging in the shade.  

A little cardinal landed on the path, and I tried to sneak up and take a picture.  Cardinals are the state bird of North Carolina so I love seeing them.  I only had my cell phone camera for this outing so I couldn't really zoom in. 

Next, we walked across the bridge to the Cougar habitat.  At first, I thought his habitat was empty until I spotted him way at the back in the shade.  It was a very hot day. 

Next, we headed over to see the barnyard animals.  We saw ducks, a cow, and some donkeys. 

After our hot, tiring outing, we hit Chick-fil-a for lunch. 

I love that our azaleas bloom almost all year.  They were even blooming when we moved in last January. 

Evan and I played his first game of Scrabble.  I had been begging him for a while.  He needed a little help making some words, but he did well.  I think I got really lucky getting some good tiles and made some cool words.  My very first word was Mango.  Brody brought home this paper where he "interviewed" a classmate which just so happened to be his church pal, Carter. 

During our hurrication, we crashed with Eddie's Aunt Homa in Columbia.  The boys loved her house.  We visited a local mall because I forgot to bring jackets for the boys, and it did get rainy and cool when the hurricane passed by us.  I just loved how Mattox was walking along with his hands clasped behind his back.  He just looked so grown up. 

We tried a local Chinese restaurant for lunch. 

I enjoyed my Kung Po Chicken but my fortune was a little ominous.  I would love to "inherit" some money, but I really don't want anyone close to me to die.  The only one who would likely leave me any money would be Eddie so no deal.  Since I am writing this in 2018 and it didn't happen in 2017, I am going to call this one null and void. 

Who knew Norway and Denmark were just a short drive away from us?  We passed through them on our way home from Columbia. 

Eddie and I used to love roadtrips and spending time together in the car.  They aren't as fun with little ones, but we still enjoy them. Of course, we didn't have the ability to take selfies in the car before we had kids.  That was probably a good thing.  Haha! 

Mattox in a box.  

I think they were eating some of my chocolate birthday cake. 

Cool baby wearing shades. 

I love all the things the boys do at church and that someone usually takes pictures. They wrote all the things they were thankful for.  I love Brody's drawings of his house and family (including an angel for Mattie).  Evan's list was very practical.  

Signs of growth...toes poking out of footie pajamas.  Brody did this to his pajamas too.  Mattox loved getting in the crib with Grayson.  When Brody was having anxiety about going to school, we read this Bible story about Jesus being a friend to little children.  

Bathtime with these cuties is always fun.  I styled Mattox's hair. 

Mattox loves his Chick-fil-a ice cream cone, but I prefer my own homemade ice cream sundae. 
Baby playing with blocks.  Where's Mattox? 

Yep, he's in a box again! 

Brody built a bird house as his first official Cub Scout project.  Evan found a cool feather. 

I made a yummy coffee cake for my ladies group meeting.  Brody was ready for soccer practice. 

Baby gets his first french fry. 

We got a new doughnut shop in town, and it was so good.  They really do rival Krispy Kreme for good regular doughnuts.  I had a huge bear claw that was also very yummy. 

We eat Zaxby's a lot on Wednesday nights before church for kids' night. 

Mattox loves watching Sesame Street, and Grayson and I spent a lot of time waiting in the car during soccer and football practice because of the bugs. 

Mattox and Grayson look so cute taking naps.  Grayson was becoming more mobile. 

A gorgeous sunset. 

Mattox puts his shoes on when he wants to go outside.  I found these three handsome superheroes at Target.  

I have to take pictures of myself these days or I would never be in any pictures.  Sigh.  I usually like to take pictures on Sunday of all of us, but it usually doesn't happen. 

Evan's teacher sends us pictures from class sometimes.  They made edible cells for a science lesson with lots of sweet treats. 

Anyone who knows me knows my most priceless treasures are my pictures of my babies, and these little books for each of my babies are some of my favorites. I snapped a picture of this painting at Mattox's ENT office because I may try to paint something similar one day.  I like the moss draped live oak overlooking the marsh.  

Hanging out at Mattox's hearing appointment with the ENT.  

There were toys in the exam room, and Mattox loved sitting in the big chair. 

The best part of the doctor's office was his really cute dog.  I wouldn't mind having one of these hypoallergenic breeds if they weren't so expensive.  I guess I will have to stick with my personal favorite, the poodle.  I really want another poodle because I don't mind them in the house since they don't shed or smell as bad as other breeds with animal fur.  They are really sweet and smart dogs too. 

Eddie loves getting to work with the Marines now.  He had thought about joining the Marines in his younger days so this is the next best thing.  Haha!  We went with him to pick up something he needed for the bomb range. 

Daddy and Brody enjoyed some special memories on the soccer field together as Coach and player.  Evan enjoyed a fun playdate at his best church buddy Justin's house. 

Brody's church group enjoyed learning about healthy things for your body and got to eat some yummy healthy snacks. 

These boys love their church groups and teachers.  Mr. Tyler and Mrs. Melanie are their favorite teachers. 

The boys had their school pictures taken by a local photographer and church friend.  She did a special that was the same price as school pictures with the guarantee of getting good shots.  The boys' school shots weren't bad this year, but we loved these. 

Just some random screenshots from the month.  I broke out my childhood name mug to drink my coffee.  Eddie's sister bought some fall flowers for Mattie for us.  I did have a pretty long to-do list this month.  I just love doing silly little online quizzes and getting their crazy results.  Apparently, I should live in the Northeast.  Um, I don't even know how it got those results.  I am pretty sure I answered that I loved the country better than the city and don't like crowds.  Haha!  Maybe I did say I liked museums, but the South has great museums too.  Raleigh has some of the best!  

I love watching these boys play. 

My little soccer and football stars. 

Brody makes even the grocery store a fun outing and loves having his picture taken.  We tried on Halloween masks.  I really wanted the gas mask for our Doctor Who theme this year.  There is an episode called The Empty Child with freaky children in gas masks.  Ha!  


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