Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is first and foremost a special American holiday set aside to remember those heroic individuals who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.  I love that we have this special day to remember them although I am sad that we don't remember them more everyday.  In everything we do and in all the freedoms that we enjoy everyday, we should remember the ones who sacrificed so that we can live here in this wonderful country.  Our family loves spending this first long weekend of summer together as a family.  We enjoyed a little "staycation" this weekend and did lots of fun things together.  Grandma also shares her birthday weekend with Memorial Day so we had to add a little birthday celebration into the plans.  What could be better than yummy red, white and blue cupcakes from Whole Foods?  And I memorialized most of this weekend with my phone camera so please excuse the quality of these pictures.

 photo Memorial2_zps8ddg9dns.jpg
We started Saturday off with lunch at a new place on the way to play some putt-putt.  Mami Nora's Peruvian Style Rotisserie Chicken was pretty yummy and unique. 

 photo Memorial3_zpskwdr3czq.jpg
The boys both ate all their chicken and could have devoured more.  

 photo Memorial1_zpsfjn1o9im.jpg
Mine was very good and I made my plate a little healthier with a salad. 
 photo Memorial4_zpszimyofnv.jpg
Next, we headed to Adventure Landing in Raleigh for some putt-putt.  We had attempted to play here for Evan's birthday, but the weather did not cooperate.  We wish our Canadian friends were with us as planned!  

 photo Memorial5_zps0t0gy7cb.jpg
Since this is the only putt-putt place in our area, we are glad it is a nice place.  Our area of Charlotte had a similar place, but it was not as well kept.  Adventure Landing has been here a long time, and I have fond memories of hanging out here when I was in college.  They have laser tag, putt-putt, go-carts, an arcade and much more.  Mattox and I could not walk this course in his stroller because it has many steps and is not very handicap/stroller accessible.  We enjoyed sitting in the shade and having our mid-day meal.   

 photo Memorial6_zpsfshj7lgv.jpg
Evan got put in the stockade for something...cheating maybe?  

 photo Memorial12_zpshrjenpyr.jpg
Oops, they both did!  

 photo Memorial47_zps5htexga1.jpg
And Daddy also faced punishment. 

 photo Memorial7_zpsmevfwrcc.jpg
Brody has advanced in his skill level although I am not sure he equals Evan's competency level at this age.  Evan was a putt-putt champ from a very early age.  I actually think Evan scored a couple of hole-in-one's on this course. 

 photo Memorial8_zpsspdtornv.jpg
There's the putt-putt champ!

 photo Memorial10_zpsqvcf8eml.jpg
Brody looking for his ball at the end.  

 photo Memorial9_zpsizj0czdp.jpg
Sad that his ball disappeared. 

 photo Memorial11_zpshksy2zot.jpg
There was also elephant riding.  Look, it's Indiana Jones and Shortround!  Hehe! 
 photo Memorial13_zps4oaex5p1.jpg
Brody thinks he is a race car driver. 

 photo Memorial14_zps2nqwrvo3.jpg
Silly boy wouldn't be much of a race car driver because he doesn't like going fast these days.  He has been telling me to slow down in the car...even when I am sitting still at a stoplight.  I actually think he has developed some motion sickness like his mommy, and he hasn't been feeling well lately.  

 photo Memorial15_zpsgb0qdtix.jpg
Evan enjoyed shooting some dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park game although I doubt he would really shoot at real dinosaurs because he loves them too much.  Haha!  

 photo Memorial16_zpsz016dusn.jpg
Shooting poor Triceratops. 

 photo Memorial17_zpswlt2qpph.jpg
Brody pretended to shoot too. 

 photo Memorial18_zpssa19fym0.jpg
We picked up some patriotic cupcakes at Whole Foods for Grandma's birthday.  Yes, these are still our favorite cupcakes!   

 photo Memorial19_zpsdejhwvbc.jpg
We met the family at Outback in Southern Pines for the birthday celebration. 

 photo Memorial20_zpsrdarkwnc.jpg
Evan enjoys coloring masterpieces whenever we dine out. 

 photo Memorial21_zpsww4gktwl.jpg
I did ask Brody to smile for this picture.  Sigh. 

 photo Memorial22_zpswhonssuc.jpg
Papa James, Grandma and Evan

 photo Memorial23_zpsm9k7scnj.jpg
Aunt Naomi, Sam and Grady

 photo Memorial24_zpsqly1tdjm.jpg
Grandma with her children and grandchildren. 

 photo Memorial25_zpsxi0llzhz.jpg
Brody showing off his green teeth that he got with his tickets at Adventure Landing.  The boys split their tickets and each came away with some loot.  You have to love those ridiculous little junk toys and places like this.  The kids think it is treasure.
 photo Memorial26_zpsndl14yle.jpg
On Sunday, we went over to Cary to eat at a new Brixx because we hadn't been to one since we left Charlotte.  We love Brixx's woodfire pizza, and I love that I can get my own individual pizza with toppings I like.  If we order pizza as a family, I usually have to settle for pepperoni or some kind of meat with no vegetables.  My favorite Brixx pizza is called Rustica and has prosciutto, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and roasted garlic.  Yum!  This Brixx is located in a new shopping center and most of the businesses are not open yet.  There is a big movie theater/bowling alley combo place that is almost ready to open.  I am actually pretty excited to learn that our own little town of Holly Springs will be getting one of these movie theater/bowling alley centers soon as the second phase of one of our new shopping centers is being built now.  The same builder is building both of these shopping centers so it should be nice.  Our little town is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, and most people here lived here before any of the current shopping areas were built.  We also discovered this awesome outdoor sports store that rivals Bass Pro and Cabela's.  I had never been in one.  Apparently, it is owned by the same company as the popular magazine of the same name.  It was pretty cool inside, and my boys loved looking at everything.  

 photo Memorial27_zps1x3lgscp.jpg
My boys loved this display of wild animals.  

 photo Memorial28_zpsg8tfjhhe.jpg
That mountain lion looks pretty scary.  

 photo Memorial29_zpshdm5tzfc.jpg
A big moose. 

 photo Memorial30_zpszrq0qrzy.jpg
On the way home, I insisted on stopping for the first snow cone of summer. I couldn't resist getting the vanilla snocream flavor because what could be better than snocream in the heat of summer?  It is just the right amount of sweet to still be refreshing. 

 photo Memorial31_zpsky0olngd.jpg
On Memorial Day Monday, we enjoyed a day at home with a little vacation in our own backyard.  We got out the boys' pool from last year, and they still had a blast.  We had not gotten our key yet to our neighborhood pool, but this was a fun alternative to beat the heat.  Brody could have stayed in it all day and did last longer than Evan. 

 photo Memorial32_zpsu7r2qf6p.jpg
The slide is still a decent size for Brody.  It has always been too little for Evan although that doesn't stop him.  Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to this pool because the next day, Cocoa found a way to get a hold of it.  Daddy had hung it up over our fence to let it dry, and she pulled it down and chewed it up.  Sigh. How many things can one dog ruin?  

 photo Memorial33_zpsp4hy3rcn.jpg
Baby Mattox enjoyed keeping cool under an umbrella.  Our backyard had the only decent grass in our yard, but Cocoa is also quickly doing damage to it.  

 photo Memorial34_zpsn7xpqdga.jpg

 photo Memorial35_zpsw8ql6cea.jpg
Brody trying to dump water on Evan. 

 photo Memorial36_zpswbbz00cj.jpg
Got him!

 photo Memorial37_zpsfesobrbd.jpg
Water fight! 

 photo Memorial38_zpslj7cwyo1.jpg
Brody trying to hide from Evan. 

 photo Memorial39_zpsqixurwa2.jpg
This baby is just so content outside.  

 photo Memorial40_zpsv6nrsjxh.jpg
Mattox even got in the pool for a little bit. 

 photo Memorial41_zpsjeh2ztus.jpg
Splashing with his feet.  

 photo Memorial42_zpsds2m94m6.jpg
I have always loved this little onesie that I bought for Evan as a baby.  I actually like using it instead of a bathing suit because it provides good skin coverage while still being soft.  He will soon outgrow it, but I am glad he is getting to wear it a little.  

 photo Memorial43_zpsa3mtscnv.jpg

 photo Memorial44_zps5zhzrzj3.jpg

 photo Memorial45_zpsdl9kln2c.jpg
Silly boys! 

 photo Memorial46_zps1dj42x4e.jpg
Pouring water on one another!  That is what brotherhood is all about!
On a less happy note, my mind has been occupied by some sad events that occurred last weekend. This family from our old church in Charlotte suffered an unimaginable tragedy losing both of their beautiful babies in a horrific car accident. They were on their way back from the beach after he performed his sister's wedding.  This photo was taken by the photographer at the wedding.  He was the worship leader at one of our Charlotte church's campuses. Their two year old died from the crash, and his wife was 37 weeks pregnant and was rushed into an emergency c-section. The baby fought hard to live but his injuries were too great, and he died the next day. They have two precious little angels in heaven now. I only know a small part of what they are feeling, but I know that only the comfort of our loving God can help them through this. I ask you to join me in praying for this family not to lose their faith at this time. They will see their babies again! It is okay to question God at this time because that is how we communicate with God and He will answer in that still quiet voice I have heard through my own tragedy.  I thought this video of the message Pastor David Chadwick, this family and my pastor for years, preached in the wake of this tragedy is applicable to all of us who have suffered the unimaginable tragedy of child loss and ask why.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

In the Army Now

Evan's new next door neighbor friend, Ryan, just turned 10 and invited Evan to his cool Army Boot Camp birthday party.  Ryan's dad was in the army and acted as their drill sergeant for the day.  The boys thought it was awesome and didn't even mind a little physical labor or the heat.  Evan has really gotten a taste for military life lately in both the army and the air force, and I think he likes it.  No, I am not sure how I feel about that as his mom.  Haha!  But honestly, I would be a proud mom if he chose to serve his country one day even if it did make me a nervous wreck.

 photo army1_zpskvfxahhq.jpg
First, the recruits are assigned the task of picking up rocks on the drill field.  It was a competition between the two teams, and Evan's team won because one of them collected a really big rock.  The Drill Sergeant got a little manual labor out of them because he needed the yard cleared before they began some major yard work to add fresh dirt and sod. 

 photo army3_zpsrpuketvq.jpg
Evan and his team racing to collect rocks for their bucket. 

 photo army5_zps4dr6cqbg.jpg
Yes, they had their faces painted for Boot Camp training. 

 photo army7_zpsy9ujlfeq.jpg
Drill Sergeant checks and weighs the buckets. 

 photo army9_zpsnws5lsto.jpg
Drill Sergeant's assistant helps prepare the boys for pinning the medal on the soldier. 

 photo army13_zpsp1euqvbf.jpg
Yep, they must accomplish the task blindfolded. 

 photo army14_zpsg8y5m1c7.jpg
I asked Evan if he was cheating because he pinned the medal in the correct location right away. 

 photo army15_zpsioatvgbl.jpg
The recruit.  Birthday boy Ryan is next to Evan wearing similar attire. 

 photo army16_zpse2hmae85.jpg
Evan explaining to Drill Sergeant that he didn't cheat. 

 photo army19_zps9otwocso.jpg
Preparing to run the obstacle course. 

 photo army22_zpszl7bzslp.jpg
Army crawling

 photo army24_zpsgzmrelfc.jpg
Evan got smart to complete this task because he has not developed strong enough arm muscles to cross the monkey bars.  We are working on that, but I have always had weak arm strength and could never really do this very well either.  He crossed it by climbing on top of the bars. 

 photo army25_zpsiu8kpwwx.jpg
Cooling off with a drink from his canteen. 

 photo army27_zps5tozb4sa.jpg

 photo army28_zpsr9uzzgmb.jpg
Drill Sergeant shows them how to throw a grenade from their knees. 

 photo army30_zpsk8oo49wa.jpg
Ryan expertly throws his grenade. 

 photo army35_zpsysk30jaj.jpg
Evan does a good job throwing and aiming his grenade. 

 photo army37_zpspnxjtigw.jpg

 photo army38_zpsybfqle5h.jpg
Diving for cover from the grenade. 

 photo army40_zps0dzhhaab.jpg
The boys use their remaining water grenades for a little fight. 
 photo army41_zpsjgiydjdx.jpg
Ryan hides from the other recruits. 

 photo army42_zpsvqwbgslw.jpg
Evan takes aim!

 photo army44_zpsqonks76g.jpg
And tries to elude another recruit with a grenade. 

 photo army46_zpsudoprzbg.jpg
Ryan is hungry and leads the way to the mess hall. 

 photo army48_zpsxcezfrje.jpg
The boys seek some cool shade to eat their lunch. 

 photo army49_zpsulwtkvvs.jpg
Then, it was time for some yummy army camouflage cupcakes.  I took one to Brody, and he treated the ring like he was Gollum with the one ring.  It was his "precious."  Haha!  

 photo army51_zpszemtm4yd.jpg
Instead of singing happy birthday, they did a cadence. 

 photo army52_zpsqxftxudk.jpg

 photo army55_zpswfdcgwbs.jpg
The boys learned how to be army medics and bandage up an injured comrade on the battlefield.  Evan was chosen to be the injured for his team because he was the smallest. 

 photo army56_zpszaycyyjz.jpg
Ryan was ready for action. 

 photo army60_zpsymywwn3i.jpg
Evan's injuries were serious, and he was bandaged from head to toe. 

 photo army61_zpsgbff0tue.jpg
Evan's team did not win this match because they were down one man. 

 photo army62_zpszrfgz2vc.jpg
Carrying Evan on the stretcher. 

 photo army63_zpszlvz057m.jpg
Evan shedding his bandages. 

 photo army69_zpsbauembw6.jpg
Then, they had a relay race to fill their bucket with water first. 
 photo army72_zpsajvtk1nb.jpg

 photo army74_zpssgg3qdbu.jpg
Drill Sergeant says!

 photo army75_zpsvozzjefl.jpg

 photo army77_zpsdpj7tynv.jpg

 photo army79_zpsda8famcq.jpg
Sit ups. 

 photo army83_zpsiyfvcpce.jpg
And finally, a water gun fight!

 photo army84_zpsdbabcxti.jpg

They are now Army Strong!


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