Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random February

February was quite a random and somewhat busy month as we prepared to welcome little Mattox into our family and move to a new house.  We also had a little winter weather after a very mild January.  We are looking forward to so many big changes in March, but we do have to finish documenting February first.  Here goes...

 photo February7_zpsarriyf5m.jpg
Brody helped Mommy practice photographing him in black and white.  I had forgotten how to do that on our camera and was trying to refresh my memory. 

 photo February1_zpsg4vj7jmi.jpg
Brody continued his preschool lessons with the letter E.

 photo February3_zpsfvib8po2.jpg
E is for elephant!

 photo February4_zpsqnnsumih.jpg

 photo February5_zpsg6sofyxk.jpg
We read Horton Hatches the Egg and made our elephant E.

 photo February6_zps0wjzusbz.jpg
Brody has found my stash of markers lately and has made a few messes.  Sigh.  I am going to have to hide these better.

 photo February10_zpstpmj4xqz.jpg
The boys playing peek a boo.

 photo February11_zpsqmzitzze.jpg
Some more black and white photography practice.  I just love black and white photos. 

 photo February12_zps1iaucjqn.jpg

 photo February13_zps53f8dudk.jpg

 photo February15_zpseldutgj1.jpg
I just love his sweet face.

 photo February16_zpsy12usq4f.jpg
And those smiles!

 photo February17_zpsqywserfh.jpg
And these smiles too!

 photo February18_zpskbebzn2x.jpg
Yep and this one too.

 photo bowling1_zpsxxzui9yi.jpg
We took the boys bowling so that Evan could earn his bowling belt loop for Cub Scouts.

 photo bowling2_zpsve3vcylg.jpg

 photo bowling3_zps5sffww8b.jpg
Evan likes to try to bowl like his Daddy.

 photo bowling4_zps2whgjqsx.jpg

 photo bowling5_zps9cy4ywym.jpg
And Brody likes to do it "all by himself!"

 photo bowling6_zpsjps4fxlw.jpg

 photo bowling7_zpsbvgrrltk.jpg

 photo bowling8_zpsxxx1yab7.jpg

 photo bowling9_zpss5ithe1x.jpg

 photo bowling10_zps7ryndnc1.jpg

 photo bowling11_zps1jucnkvu.jpg
High fives for Evan.

 photo bowling13_zpsk9tqhyii.jpg

 photo bowling14_zpsilcspbbo.jpg
And Brody.  

 photo bowling15_zpsiybpmnfl.jpg

 photo bowling16_zpssztwo5wj.jpg

 photo bowling17_zpse217ar9e.jpg

 photo bowling22_zpscfyevu6k.jpg
Brody got a strike!

 photo bowling18_zps8vshbcyu.jpg
Evan got a strike too right after Brody's shot because one of Brody's pins got knocked into the lane and wasn't picked up.  Evan's ball hit that pin and pushed it into the other pins to help knock them down.  I told Evan he owed Brody for that strike.  Haha!

 photo bowling19_zpszfr13tsw.jpg

 photo bowling20_zpskknaq7is.jpg

 photo February20_zpsmospnt89.jpg
Brody enjoyed some more finger painting crafts as he painted some Valentine art. 

 photo Horton_zpsgrhbqxvc.jpg
We also made Horton the elephant from Horton Hears a Who with Brody's hand print for some art for baby Mattox's room. 

 photo February22_zps82kgvucq.jpg
Brody's love art.  He just painted on cardstock paper, and since he got the paint pretty thick, it was hard taking the tape off without the paper tearing a little.  

 photo February23_zpsekg55ixv.jpg
I painted a heart. 

 photo February24_zps7exkpivx.jpg
On a warmer weekend, the boys got out to practice baseball.  

 photo February25_zpsdgmrl78b.jpg
We wanted to see if Brody was ready for t-ball.  He has not shown much interest in using his little plastic t-ball set, but when we got out the real bat and ball, he was hitting like a little pro. 

 photo February26_zpslcqgydkr.jpg

 photo February27_zpsvaxcftsm.jpg
Daddy helped show him the proper way to stand and swing. 

 photo February28_zpszbkktzfa.jpg
I think he will be ready for Spring t-ball!

 photo February29_zpsrlcmqvss.jpg
Our Valentine's decor.  Daddy and I just enjoyed celebrating together at home watching "The Best of Me."

 photo February30_zpsvl3sjzfv.jpg
I bought us some yummy treats at a local bakery...chocolate ganache cupcake for me and big chocolate chip cookies for the boys.  I offered to share my cupcake with Daddy, but he didn't want any.  ;-) 

 photo February31_zpsmyytmlaj.jpg
Brody working on his letter F.

 photo February32_zpsk8m5k5uo.jpg

 photo February33_zpsb8hlo8he.jpg
We read a frog book and made a frog out of hearts for Valentine's. 

 photo February34_zpscggkhkx6.jpg
Brody sorted his conversation hearts by color. 

 photo February35_zpstxqfybin.jpg
I made Evan's teacher a little Valentine. 
 photo February36_zpsjyxevoeq.jpg
Who wouldn't want a jar full of conversation hearts?
 photo February37_zpsucfuihsf.jpg
I made Evan's dinosaur Valentine's. 

 photo February38_zpse9kumakg.jpg
Brody made his wishes in the fountain at the mall for baby brother and snow.  We got the snow and hope baby brother arrives sometime tomorrow. 
 photo February39_zpszfwnrdfe.jpg
This boy loves any water he sees. 

 photo February40_zpsuor3xmgo.jpg
Evan made a little red-headed friend.  I think redheads like to stick together. 
 photo February41_zpsddxyrf0s.jpg
Mommy was feeling nostalgic driving around Raleigh with the boys while Daddy was working and just had to check out the place where she and Daddy first met about 15 years ago.  Wow, we are definitely getting old!  

 photo February42_zpsh5zchpdf.jpg
I just love this shot of Brody in the car with the setting sun shining brightly over his head.  

 photo February43_zpsmntjz7ky.jpg
Evan took advantage of his snow day to catch up on his reading...Harry Potter of course. 

 photo February44_zpsjoanmsc1.jpg
Brody and I got some good fortunes which we hope come true tomorrow! 

 photo February45_zpsx0ex48ks.jpg
I thought Evan's was very applicable as well since he is such a kind-heart little man.  


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