Monday, September 30, 2013

Mattie Claire ~ 3 Months


You would be 3 months old today.  We can't believe it has already been 3 months since you silently entered the world.  My heart aches daily when I think of you and when I gaze at your picture.

 photo Mattie6_zpsff89971c.jpg

It is an ache that I welcome though because the alternative is unthinkable to me.  The only thing worse than the pain of remembering you is the loneliness of forgetting you.  You are a part of me, and you always will be.

If you were here with us today, you may look like your big brother Evan:

 photo Evan3month.jpg

or you may look like your big brother Brody:

 photo Week12.jpg

You would likely be the happiest of little babies just like your brothers both were at this age, and we would be enjoying the sounds of your happy giggles as we blew raspberries on your tummy and made funny faces at you to get you to laugh.  You may be able to hold your head up when having tummy time, and you may even be able to roll over.  We wonder what song you would have liked to be sung when going to sleep.  Twinkle Twinkle like Brody?  The gentle humming of Brahms's Lullaby like Evan?  Would you have figured out how to splash us in the tub?  Would you love wearing your hair bows or would you pull them out?  What toys would you like to play with?  Your silky blankies, your rattles, your bouncer seat toys, or your play mat toys?  We miss you so much and wish we could know what you would be like.  We know you would look so cute and pretty in your little outfits.

 photo Mattie7_zps851f84ed.jpg
I think you would have looked beautiful in this little outfit this month. 

 photo Mattie8_zps7c3cb3e8.jpg
I was definitely looking forward to your wearing this outfit from our favorite store, Janie & Jack. 

Although you may not be here growing and changing before our eyes, I have actually been so happy to watch your plants grow.  We received several big arrangements from family and friends at your funeral, and I wanted to keep them alive as long as possible for your sake.  I am not a gardener, but since there has been plenty of rain this summer, the plants have thrived.  I just don't know how to keep them through the winter months.

 photo Mattie3_zps4083007b.jpg
We put these plants in planters on the front porch, and they make me smile when I pull into the driveway and see them. 

 photo Mattie4_zps12cc9e4a.jpg

 photo Mattie5_zps781bf25a.jpg
Your beautiful lilies. 

 photo Mattie1_zpsf047aab3.jpg
This is a beautiful reminder that makes me think of you. 

 photo Mattie2_zpsb7cfe7ab.jpg
I love you, my beautiful baby girl!  We hope you are laughing and playing and enjoying your life in our heavenly home.

Love always,

Your Mommy

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Birthday Party Saturday

Last Saturday was a busy day for this household.  After Evan's soccer game, we had to eat a quick lunch and pick up two birthday presents because Evan and Brody got their first birthday party invites of the school year.  This was Brody's first birthday party with a school friend.  It reminded me of the first birthday party Evan got invited to at about the same age.  Luckily, the parties were at different times so Mommy could take them both.  Evan's party was first at Adventure Landing just down the road.  He was excited about the prospect of playing putt-putt again, but unfortunately, it was raining a little and not very nice outside so we just enjoyed the indoor games.  We did get vouchers for two free games of putt-putt or another outdoor activity so we'll have to go back soon.  Brody's party was at My Gym which seems to be a favorite for toddler birthdays.  It was so cute to see how much Brody was recognizing and playing with his little friends, especially his girlfriend!  Both of their friends were friends from last year.  They both had a very good day.

 photo Evan1_zps6731427a.jpg
Evan and Alex have been best pals at school for the last year.  

 photo Evan2_zps0c486df0.jpg
The party guests

 photo Evan3_zpsbb887a7a.jpg
Evan and his buddy Carlos and another party guest playing the pirate game.  

 photo Evan4_zps24a40dda.jpg
Guess what we had just eaten for lunch.  You guessed!  Of course, he didn't mind eating another piece.  

 photo Evan5_zpsac0feca7.jpg
Carlos, Evan, and Alex are best buddies at school. 

 photo Evan6_zpsef8dc4b7.jpg
Alex had a lot of candles to blow out.  There was even a sparkler on the cake.  

 photo Brody1_zpsf80d8ccf.jpg
Brody and birthday boy, Sammy, tried out the ball pit.  

 photo Brody2_zps43bc851c.jpg
And Brody lasted like 2.8 seconds. 

 photo Brody3_zps7d65c145.jpg
Looking like a big boy climbing up to the slide. 

 photo Brody4_zps98698f95.jpg
Stopping for a picture before going down the slide. 

 photo Brody5_zpseed2d2ed.jpg
I love this shot!  He saw his old teacher from the 1 year old room and ran to give her a big hug.  It is so strange that all last year, he was really attached to his other teacher until the end of the year when he started following Ms. Christina around everywhere.  This year when he sees her on the playground, he will stick to her like glue.  Haha!

 photo Brody6_zps1e8a40cb.jpg
Just wanting to stay close. 

 photo Brody7_zps3f96e8c2.jpg
I think this was what he wanted. 

 photo Brody8_zps3411934a.jpg
Brody trying out the trampoline. 

 photo Brody9_zps0f4a98f3.jpg
But then it got a little too crowded for him. 

 photo Brody10_zps8221c4a5.jpg
He loved the little maze they set up.  It is amazing what fun can be had with just a parachute and a tumbling mat.  

 photo Brody11_zps029fb7ac.jpg
Yay!  He made it through the maze. 

 photo Brody12_zps6c8df5c6.jpg
He loved this little tunnel.  

 photo Brody13_zps4c043c30.jpg
Oh how cute!

 photo Brody14_zpsbee9269d.jpg
And sweet too!

 photo Brody15_zps529068ca.jpg
I love when he lays on his tummy with his face propped on his hands. 

 photo Brody16_zps8c276e6a.jpg
Brody's girlfriend, Sierra, also loved the tunnel. 

 photo Brody17_zpsd8995766.jpg
Brody tried to walk on the long swinging bridge. 

 photo Brody18_zpsdc7bf647.jpg
But he wasn't too sure about it. 

 photo Brody19_zps904f554c.jpg
Sierra and Brody enjoyed rolling on the floor together. 

 photo Brody20_zps970b0179.jpg
There they go!  He would follow her, and she would follow him. 

 photo Brody21_zps5542948a.jpg
I love this one that looks like Brody is just watching her with his head resting on his hand.  Do you think he likes her? 

 photo Brody22_zps3e521cf5.jpg
Silly boy! 

 photo Brody23_zpsb9e94440.jpg
Then they sat right beside each other for the little puppet show. 

 photo Brody24_zpsa0475977.jpg
The little alligator song is always a hit. 

 photo Brody25_zpse7e92d43.jpg
Sammy is the big 3 and loves Cars. 

 photo Brody26_zps9dc2d804.jpg
Blowing out his candles. 

 photo Brody27_zps6b439741.jpg
Sammy and his parents

 photo Brody28_zpsd0c3d020.jpg
All of the birthday party guests posing together. 

Flash Back - Evan at 2 years old at his first birthday party with a school friend.  

 photo summer107.jpg
Evan and his pal, Sebastian, enjoyed a little fun in the pool and eating cupcakes of course.  I also remember Sebastian loved watermelon and probably ate a whole one that day! 
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kick Off to Evan's 3rd Season of Soccer

Last Saturday was Evan's first soccer game of the season.  He played U6 his first two seasons, and he has now moved up to U8.  There are a few differences between U6 and U8 in our soccer league.  In U6, there are no goalies and only 3 players on the field at a time for each team.  In U8, there are 4 players and a goalie on the field.  Evan's team looked really good this year.  Cousin Lanny and another boy from their baseball team is on our team.  Lanny played U8 last year, and he was a little more hesitant to get in the game then since he was one of the younger and smaller members of his team.  Evan was a star on his team last year as one of the older and more experienced in U6.  This year, it appears it will be Lanny's turn to shine.  He scored 3 of his teams 5 goals, and he has some really unique soccer techniques that he seems to have "invented."  Evan didn't score this game and seemed to prefer to play a more defensive game.  He did get in on the action though so I was proud of him.  I am hoping that his confidence will continue as the season progresses.  His team did win the game 5 to 3.

 photo soccer6_zpse60a5cc9.jpg
Since they got yellow and black uniforms this year, Eddie thought they should be the Killer Bees, and the kids agreed.  They had team pictures taken before the game. 

 photo soccer1_zps26d5788f.jpg
Then, they got in a little practice before the game started.  

 photo soccer2_zpsff21006f.jpg
Our little bee

 photo soccer3_zps9eff5168.jpg
Lanny was having a good time. 

 photo soccer4_zps42bd6a89.jpg
They played a little drill that helped them learn to pass to their teammates and also helped them learn one another's names.  

 photo soccer11_zps5eac4f29.jpg
Does this boy look ready for action or what?

 photo soccer12_zps0cdb57c8.jpg
Ready to start the game. 

 photo soccer13_zps67763531.jpg
We were blessed with two girls on our team this year.  Girls are awesome at soccer!

 photo soccer14_zpsa1c32293.jpg
Evan's cheering section

 photo soccer15_zps6876f93a.jpg
Go, Evan!

 photo soccer16_zps2e74d062.jpg
I love the way he runs!

 photo soccer17_zpsfe99775d.jpg
Getting in on the action!

 photo soccer18_zpsbc420744.jpg
Get that ball, Evan!

 photo soccer19_zpsa2656b74.jpg
Evan and Lanny working together to keep the ball. 

 photo soccer20_zps96f092f8.jpg
Cousins and teammates

 photo soccer21_zps185751f6.jpg
I loved this shot when Brody was wearing his broken sunglasses.  One of the eye pieces had fallen out so we just removed the other one.  I think it looked like a superhero mask.  

 photo soccer22_zps024fda30.jpg
Eddie says the team motto should be "Don't mess with the bees!"  

 photo soccer23_zpsddc0dbb4.jpg
Cousin Lanny playing goalie. 

 photo soccer24_zps97d4b46b.jpg
Uh oh, someone is serious about his soccer!

 photo soccer25_zpsae5c41ad.jpg
Lanny trying to recover the ball. 

 photo soccer26_zps138df2a6.jpg
Evan got to be the goalie for a little bit, and he SURVIVED!  Haha!

 photo soccer27_zps31243910.jpg
The goals were bigger this time. 

 photo soccer28_zps1a384202.jpg
I think maybe the team motto should be "The bees stick together."  

 photo soccer32_zps4c0ba206.jpg
We took another team photo at the end of the game because several players missed the official picture.  

 photo soccer29_zps02e29b50.jpg
Daddy and Mommy switched up so he entertained Brody while I took some pictures.  

 photo soccer30_zps833996f3.jpg
Can you tell he loves Daddy? 

 photo soccer31_zpsd6942e79.jpg
Oh my, melt my heart!

Cousin Reade's 1st Soccer Game

 photo soccer7_zps805bf972.jpg
Poor Reade.  He injured his shoulder in an unfortunate roughhousing incident with his brother before his first game.  He attempted to still play a little, but you could tell it was hurting him.  He went to the doctor and had x-rays which showed nothing was broken, but he is still wearing a sling to keep it immobile and may miss his next couple of games because of the injury.  

 photo soccer8_zps8a0b4669.jpg
Sweet boy put on a brave face. 

 photo soccer9_zpsd226ad11.jpg
And look at him go!

 photo soccer10_zps809094e0.jpg
He was ready for action!

 photo soccer33_zpsb8f0de1d.jpg
Brody wanted to play on the playground for a little bit and bravely climbed the "rock" structure.

 photo soccer34_zpse12dcfcd.jpg
Then he even wanted to swing like a big boy. 
Cute Faces

 photo soccer35_zpse842a5c6.jpg

 photo soccer36_zps05f46ebf.jpg

 photo soccer37_zps88452663.jpg

 photo soccer38_zps49043c98.jpg

Go, Killer Bees!  We are ready for the second game today!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


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