Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Family Beach Pictures {2015}

So anyone who has been reading our blog long was probably thinking we forgot or didn't get a chance to get our traditional family beach pictures this year.  And I guess we almost didn't since we didn't get this one accomplished until October this year.  Thankfully, we were able to sneak a quick beach trip in before the cooler weather hit and so we have another year of these treasures.  I love seeing how our family has changed and grown through the years.  (See 2009, 20102011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.)

 photo family.collage_zps6ag12s5y.jpg

 photo family3_zpsyeqgohel.jpg

 photo family4_zpskyftsdoe.jpg

 photo family5_zpsfzpb1t8x.jpg

 photo family6_zpsd1ugkucr.jpg

 photo family7_zpsuiuyik2i.jpg

 photo family8_zpsze6q43z4.jpg

 photo family9_zpsqxfh4wbq.jpg
Awe, Evan is such a big big kid now and can hold his baby brother standing up. 

 photo family10_zpsjryjhgrx.jpg

 photo family11_zpstitrrkz5.jpg

 photo family12_zpslc4qafmu.jpg
I liked this one.  Looks like Mattox is pushing Brody away.  Haha!  He just likes to touch, and Brody didn't want him touching his head. 

 photo family13_zpsrqwm3hm4.jpg
My beautiful boys

 photo family14_zpsos0c2gaa.jpg
I just thought Brody looked funny holding his shorts up, and you can see his boo boo from his putt-putt injury. 

 photo family15_zps90cxvl1n.jpg
Getting his toes wet.  He loved the water this time. 

 photo family16_zpszd9l8bj0.jpg

 photo family17_zpsjpm20lzf.jpg
I know he doesn't look very happy, but the sun was really bright.  Plus, no one was close enough to make him laugh for these shots so he didn't know he was supposed to smile. 

 photo family18_zpsvnmpxrmg.jpg

 photo family19_zpsc0l3punh.jpg

 photo family20_zpszjnlbmv2.jpg

 photo family21_zpsroowdvjb.jpg

 photo family22_zpsmggbeqdp.jpg

 photo family23_zpszaysfykf.jpg

 photo family24.jp_zps72lq3are.jpg
Daddy told them to jump together.  They wouldn't bend their knees so they could get higher.  They were probably afraid they would fall in the water and that I would get mad at them for getting wet.  Haha! 

 photo family25_zpskzoikp5u.jpg

 photo family26_zpspuxd7gmq.jpg

 photo family27_zpsyte4h8xz.jpg

 photo family28_zpsukuz6zum.jpg

 photo family29_zpso08u1eje.jpg

 photo family30_zpsw5fnnjlg.jpg

Since 2013, I have struggled with how to capture the essence of our family with a very important part missing.  Taking these picture without Mattie just never seemed right.  She was supposed to be with us.  I recently saw a photographer add a shadow of a child to some family pictures to represent a lost child, and I knew I had to try to capture what our family pictures may look like with Mattie in them.

 photo Family.2013_zpsyaab0r2s.jpg
2013 - Baby Mattie was not quite 3 months old. 

 photo family.2014_zpsrhnkgfgr.jpg
2014 - Baby Mattie was a toddling little 13 to 14 month old. 

 photo Family2.jpg_zpsgmcpmkhl.png
2015 - Baby Mattie is now a beautiful little 2 year old princess. 

 photo Family1.jpg_zpsbrkegvlk.png
Me and all of my babies. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Myrtle Beach {2015 edition}

Well, it took us a little longer than usual, but we finally made it back to our beloved Myrtle Beach for a visit.  It has become a bit of a tradition for us.  It started in 2009 when Evan was our bouncing little two year old who was mesmerized by the ocean and very excited about his first game of putt-putt.  Our family has grown quite a bit since then.  We have enjoyed long weekend trips and even some week long trips, but we always manage to sneak in quite a bit of fun no matter how short the trip.  This trip was a short two night stay in which daddy was working for most of the time at his employer's annual meeting.  We got to stay in a nice resort hotel and have "fancy" dinners in a ballroom with dancing afterwards.  Even though it was October, the boys and I enjoyed some time on the beach and playing in the ocean.  And we all enjoyed a couple of games of putt-putt, of course.  We are always thankful for these special times together and special memories made.  The beach is definitely one of our favorite and most happy places.

 photo beach.collage2_zps7pczgfyy.jpg
Our first stop of the trip was for lunch at the iconic Hard Rock Cafe pyramid.  I am not sure if it is true or not, but my friend who lives in the area mentioned that they may be tearing down the pyramid to build a newer design.  I remember when this structure first came to Myrtle Beach.  Everyone was so amazed and excited and lines were always out the door to get in.  The big blue planet of Planet Hollywood across the road was iconic as well, and my friend showed pictures of it being torn down the week after our visit.  Planet Hollywood will not be rebuilt because it has not seen good business even in the summer for several years.  I blame the location.  It was built on the opposite side of the main road from the rest of Broadway at the Beach, and most of the people visiting Broadway just don't want to walk across a busy street to dine.  They want to eat at places within the Broadway complex.  It is just so sad to me.  Hard Rock is still pretty popular, but I guess they think it is time for something new to drum up a new energy and excitement for the area.  

 photo beach.collage1_zpsa0pl0prj.jpg
Just some pictures of the inside of the pyramid.  I am so sad this may be our last opportunity to experience the cool pyramid.  It will be neat to see what they decide to do next. 

 photo beach.collage3_zpsx2ieduah.jpg
Enjoying some yummy burgers and chicken tenders.  Brody is a burger eater, but we can't even get Evan to try one.  Sigh. 

 photo beach.collage4_zpsnjg3h5ib.jpg
We played Captain Hook's Adventure Golf for Brody because he loves Captain Hook.  Seriously, that is who he pretends to be all the time! 
 photo vacation216.jpg
Coincidentally, this is the first putt-putt place Evan ever experienced in 2009.  
 photo beach.collage5_zpsbs3uiln6.jpg
Both of these boys love to play. 

 photo beach.collage6_zpsavpi7euy.jpg
Brody points out Skull Rock!  He was so excited in that middle picture after hitting his ball in the hole that he ran back to tell Daddy.  He didn't see the little hill on the course and tripped so we had a little casualty on the course. 

 photo beach.collage7_zpsdt0ktwhk.jpg
Daddy was the parent participant on this adventure while Mattox and I watched. 

 photo beach.collage8_zpsijtqwnke.jpg
We loved Captain Hook's ship, the Jolly Roger.  We spied that old Croc trying to eat one of the crew who was hanging on for dear life.  Evan tried to light a cannon.  Poor Tinkerbell has been trapped in that lantern for a long time.  It is a cool holographic image of Tinkerbell, and she is screaming and crying for help. 

 photo beach.collage9_zpsisjoltvo.jpg
Daddy scored a hole in one and did his customary cheer.  
 photo vacation223.jpg
Daddy's cheer from 2009. 
 photo beach.collage10_zpsquwjgrld.jpg
I always love the scenery on these awesome courses.  I have stated before that Myrtle Beach is putt-putt capital of the world.  Peter Pan watched over our game from high in his big tree. 
 photo beach.collage11_zps9mcgenqr.jpg
We had to take a picture in front of Skull Rock.  Daddy and Evan got put in the stockade again.  Haha! 

 photo beach.collage12_zps8vunonpl.jpg
At the hotel, we enjoyed the indoor pool since the outdoor one was a little chilly.  Mattox loves the water now and loves laughing at his big brothers. 

 photo beach.collage13_zpsay4b2g28.jpg
Evan was making Mattox laugh so hard by making this big splash with his arms. 

 photo beach.collage14_zpststgx5jk.jpg
Mattox enjoyed his time on the beach so much more this time.  He could sit up and play in his little pool of water.  

 photo beach.collage15_zpsd6e7pind.jpg
The boys played on the beach for a long time and didn't venture into the water until they had gotten really warm and were ready to cool off.  Then, the water felt nice. We dressed Brody in Evan's old wet suit.  It may not have been necessary, but he did look cute in it. 

 photo beach.collage16_zpsrluu2kde.jpg
My cuties making sandcastles and playing together. 

 photo beach.collage17_zpsu41v5djx.jpg
Oh, I love this baby!  Yes, he did get his first bruise on his head from falling over one day.  He is just like Evan was and will fall over to get onto his tummy.  You cannot leave him on the bed or couch because he will likely roll off. 
 photo beach.collage18_zpsuopgozo2.jpg
I built Brody a little volcano for his dinosaurs...brings back so many memories of young Evan. I love baby feet in the sand and water.  
 photo beach.collage19_zpsvpfozjjc.jpg
Just a few beach beauties we saw.  The water in the morning was pretty calm so a gull was just floating out on the water.  I watched him take flight.  Then, I found this perfect conch shell, but I think something was living inside of it so I took a picture instead of taking it.  In the afternoon, I found an identical one in the same spot that didn't seem to have anything in it and brought it home.  I do wonder if it was the same shell. 

 photo beach.collage20_zpsqx9uhgqs.jpg
Oh Evan!  He loves doing karate kicks and jumping in the waves.  They were having so much fun! 

 photo beach.collage21_zpsvobczufb.jpg
Evan got some air on those jumps.  They loves splashing one another. 

 photo beach.collage22_zpsbjxhhrlw.jpg
The only evidence of my presence this time is this picture of my feet.  I was alone with 3 kids on the beach so no pictures of me.  Don't those boys look like teenagers heading out with their boogie boards?  

 photo beach.collage23_zpsvxqjrwic.jpg
They both managed to catch a few waves although they weren't very big ones.  

 photo beach.collage24_zpsqqlsom5g.jpg
I sat and watched them a long time and could have done that all day.

 photo beach.collage25_zps39bqncqq.jpg
I love those shots of Brody and Evan riding in some good waves.  Before we left to eat lunch, Brody built this little dam (he called it a wall) to keep the water from Mattox's little pool from flowing back to the ocean.  I think we may have a future architectural engineer on our hands!  
 photo beach.collage26_zpsjwqcapan.jpg
After lunch, the boys enjoyed the hot tub and played some corn hole with Daddy.  Evan is a corn hole champ and stomped all of us.  He scored so many bulls eyes.  

 photo beach.collage27_zpsqb2yugev.jpg
The boys enjoyed their "fancy" dinners in the ballroom both nights.  Who wouldn't eat with an enticing dessert sitting right in front of you the whole meal waiting to be eaten?  Brody did eat his salad and most of Daddy's and Evan's too. 

 photo NCFA.collage1_zpsh9puhhc8.jpg
We got this little vacation courtesy of the North Carolina Forestry Association and its members for their annual meeting.  We enjoyed all the displays of its biggest members.  

 photo NCFA.collage2_zpssvxo6vpi.jpg
The boys got some new forestry related merchandise from members like Weyerhauser.  
 photo NCFA.collage3_zpsqwpqcjvd.jpg
These Goods from the Woods and Build Good with Wood boxes are a teaching tool supplied by the NCFA that contain lots of "goodies" made from wood products.  

 photo NCFA.collage4_zpska51cjln.jpg
The meeting was well attended as usual.  On the last night, the President's dinner was held with a silent auction with lots of cool items for bidding.  Some special awards were given as well.  

 photo beach.collage28_zps16a8enxo.jpg
This World Help event was also being held in the hotel.  I thought Mattox needed his picture taken in front of their large sign. 

 photo beach.collage29_zpsocruyljg.jpg
Our final fun stop of the trip was Evan's choice of putt-putt.  He chose his favorite dinosaur place. 

 photo beach.collage30_zpsqu5n62pf.jpg
We saw T-Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, velociraptors, and of course, stegosaurus (Evan's favorite). 

 photo beach.collage31_zpsryi67jfi.jpg
Apparently, Professor Hacker's ship crashed onto this dinosaur island.  Sounds like Jurassic Park, right?  We had to take pictures with T-Rex and Steggy. 

 photo beach.collage32_zpsbi0tmrwv.jpg
Yes, I was the parent participant this time. 


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