Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday to our beautiful daughter, Mattie Claire!

 photo MattieBirthdayCollage_zps127ab323.jpg

Dearest Mattie,

I didn't think I could make it to this day.  I think you have been sending me the strength I needed day-by-day.  I know you are our special guardian angel now.  We should be planning the cutest little first birthday party for you.  We do have plans to celebrate you today, and I am sure the boys will help blow out your birthday candle.  Although your first year in heaven has passed, we will continue to remember you everyday and keep your memory alive for your brothers.  Today is a special day for us although it is sad too.  Your birth was as excitedly anticipated as any other in the world.  We longed to meet the little bundle of pink joy that we had already come to love.  Now, we must all await the day when we finally get to fulfill that meeting in our heavenly home.

This summer would have been such a fun one for you as we watched you learn to walk and talk and enjoy all of our fun summer activities.  You would have loved playing in the water with your brothers and splashing them I'm sure.  And how gorgeous and adorable you would have looked in your beautiful summer wardrobe.  Adorable bathing suits, summer dresses, and sandals.

 photo Mattiebirthdayoutfit_zps361a0b37.jpg
A special birthday outfit would have been a must for your party. 

 photo Mattiedress12_zps26b01fbe.jpg
Cute pastel dresses!

 photo Mattiedress11_zps9a10fac3.jpg
 photo Mattiedress10_zps952847b8.jpg

Adorable and sassy tops.
 photo Mattiedress9_zpsb0e0f13b.jpg

 photo Mattiedress7_zps0710b4c9.jpg photo Mattiedress1_zps4ede6a1d.jpg photo Mattiedress13_zps288424f5.jpg

 photo sandals_zps10f49309.jpg
And of course a cute pair of sandals would be a necessity.

 photo Mattiedress8_zps6c2f01f8.jpg
And a cute new bathing suit for our bathing beauty.  
We hope you will enjoy spending your special day with us as we do some special things to celebrate you!  If you ever doubt that my love for you will continue, please remember this:

 photo miscarriage_zps65a0eda6.jpg

With all my heart,

Your Mommy

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Fun # 6 ~ Friday Fun Day!

Last Friday, we had a fun day together.  It involved a lot of driving for this mama.  First, we headed up to Daddy's office which is about a 30 minute drive to take him to lunch.  The boys love having lunch with Daddy.  It was a late lunch so we didn't finish and get Daddy back to work until about 2:30.  Then, we were going to head home and rest a little bit before meeting Daddy at a little event he was doing for a local church.  On the way home, Mommy decided that since she is never in this part of the city and since that part of the city has one of the only Hobby Lobby's, she thought it would be fun to stop by and let the boys pick out some crafts to do.  Of course, that little detour did cost us some of our rest time, but it was still fun.  Brody got a little nap in the car on the way home.  Daddy was doing a fun day event that night at a church a few miles south of us as part of their Vacation Bible School.  The theme was all about being rescued so they invited lots of rescue personnel, police, firemen, and Smokey Bear, to come out.  We don't like to miss an opportunity to see our pal Smokey, and we definitely don't want to miss a Friday night with our Daddy when he is "working."  Although Brody has developed a little phobia of Smokey lately, he still had a lot of fun playing in the bounce castles, blowing bubbles, and seeing firetrucks and police cars.

 photo summer1_zpsce6858f0.jpg
The handsome little soccer players posed for a picture at lunch.

 photo summer2_zps0b2b0278.jpg
Can't you just picture Evan being a professional soccer player one day? 

 photo summer4_zpsc90b7a1e.jpg
Of course, Daddy wants him to be a hunter too. 

 photo summer3_zps83be61ee.jpg
Hunter in training. 

 photo summer5_zpscad1f620.jpg
The giant Smokey made quite a big impression.  Daddy has done a good job making his presentations look better over the years. 

 photo summer7_zpsca5b9ef2.jpg
Smokey giving Evan a bear hug.

 photo summer6_zpsf9e77107.jpg
They have been best friends for a long time. 

 photo summer8_zps88f67c7c.jpg
A "family" picture.  Can you guess where Daddy was?

 photo summer9_zps99d8aeda.jpg
One of Brody's first stops was the bubble station.

 photo summer10_zps0b04f770.jpg
He loved blowing big bubbles. 

 photo summer11_zps30fed580.jpg

 photo summer12_zpseac4d3d6.jpg

 photo summer13_zps174ef3ce.jpg
Evan helped Brody climb the big slide although he later did it all by himself. 

 photo summer14_zps822b7d14.jpg

 photo summer15_zps68c7389a.jpg
Brody's turn.

 photo summer16_zpseede0bc6.jpg

 photo summer17_zpsbbd5d6d9.jpg

 photo summer18_zps06c93f42.jpg
Someone had a blast!

 photo summer19_zpsd3fbf413.jpg

 photo summer20_zps2d2c54b4.jpg
Going again.

 photo summer21_zpsbd940b50.jpg
Brody decided to try the belly slide. 

 photo summer22_zpscbbb4b6a.jpg
Brody didn't quite understand what he was supposed to do here.  He just wanted to stand under the parachute while the other kids ran through it. 

 photo summer23_zps745b521d.jpg
Brother tried to show him what to do. 

 photo summer24_zps4ce054ca.jpg
He just loved being under it. 

 photo summer25_zps093f5783.jpg

 photo summer26_zpsbad57aca.jpg
Climbing that big "rock" wall was quite a feat.

 photo summer27_zps7ba3b7b9.jpg
I thought he would need help from Evan, but he didn't.

 photo summer28_zpsfe7b3c92.jpg
Evan came out, but Brody took his time. 

 photo summer29_zpsf864e78a.jpg
He also took his time on the water slide while Evan ran through and was at the end before Brody even got started. 

 photo summer30_zps0121fbc4.jpg
Still going.

 photo summer31_zps4eb3312e.jpg
Almost to the end.  He didn't want to fall down and slide.

 photo summer32_zps667ea171.jpg
A cute wet baby.

 photo summer33_zpsfc3d183d.jpg
I let him pick a sweet treat.  There were several food trucks there, including a local bakery, but he chose a Chick-fil-a chocolate chip cookie. 

 photo summer34_zpsdee814ef.jpg
Evan wanted to shoot some hoops for a while.  

 photo summer35_zps3b5630c6.jpg
We checked out the weather station and made little tornadoes.

 photo summer36_zps2701eed4.jpg
Visiting the fire truck. 

 photo summer37_zpsbfdf9bd2.jpg
I just love the way he is standing with his arms crossed like he is so big.

 photo summer38_zpsd6be0538.jpg
Driving the fire truck. 

 photo summer39_zpsf38e9ede.jpg
Future fireman perhaps?

 photo summer40_zps1ca73593.jpg
Or will this guy be one?  He just loves to drive.

 photo summer41_zps02beabaa.jpg

 photo summer42_zpsc0931ea0.jpg
Sweet boys

 photo summer43_zps847cce8a.jpg
The cutest little criminal ever!

 photo summer44_zps84edb004.jpg
Evan the policeman

 photo summer45_zps92e20189.jpg
Then, we switched it up so Evan could be the criminal.

 photo summer46_zps22049892.jpg
And the former criminal could drive. 

 photo summer47_zpsd943e6d3.jpg
Evan gave McGruff the crime fighting dog a hug to try to show Brody he was friendly. 

 photo summer48_zps502ad41e.jpg
No hugs but Brody did enjoy playing ball with him. 

 photo summer49_zpsd17748ab.jpg
Playing catch.  

 photo summer50_zpse78614bd.jpg
Brody decided to climb the slide by himself while Evan was off doing something else. 

 photo summer51_zps9f494036.jpg
And he did awesome!

 photo summer52_zpsb550ad35.jpg
And was very proud.

 photo summer53_zpscf8a100f.jpg
What a face!

 photo summer54_zpsd4e48807.jpg
Brody playing ball in the bounce house.

 photo summer55_zps7d00e636.jpg
Trying to shoot hoops.

 photo summer56_zps49c0e51c.jpg
And down Brody goes.

 photo summer57_zps8cd96f9e.jpg

 photo summer58_zps33576e81.jpg
Brody wanted to take this helicopter balloon home with him. 
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


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