Monday, December 31, 2018

Deserving December {2018}

Random memories from December 2018: 

We started the month visiting our family in NC and wanted to take pictures with Christmas Mickey and Minnie at Wal-mart and give to the Salvation Army.  

These boys love a box.  As our Christmas purchases started coming in (we do most of our shopping on Amazon these days), the boys were very excited every time a new box arrived.  They just wanted to play with the box and didn't care about the contents inside. 

Grayson fell asleep on the couch beside the Christmas tree, and Mattox took his nap inside his newest box using some plastic packing filler as pillows.  He did look pretty comfy in there.  Ha! 

Mr. Grayson has enjoyed 3 years of napping by the Christmas tree.  I hope the tradition continues.  
Mattox loves visiting a local pizza restaurant where he always wants to see the pizza man.  

Grayson loves playing with the candy and toy machines. 

December is often our favorite month to play outside because we finally get some Fall weather that drives the bugs away.  

I just love watching them play.  Being heavily pregnant with their sister, I just pulled up a chair and watched the action. 

Brody enjoyed some fun festivities and games at church. 

I would say that sign definitely described my pregnant brain this month.  I do not know why my youngest boys wanted to take Daddy's belt off.  Haha!

But sitting on the couch drinking hot chocolate by the Christmas tree and watching our favorite Christmas movie made it more enjoyable. 

Putting my tired feet up and hanging out with my favorite boys. 

Mattox and Grayson enjoyed snuggling next to Mommy's big belly.  Evan likes having a couch to himself.  Brody showed me a craft he made at school.  
Mr. Grayson loves sharing his Daddy's milkshake.  I love his beautiful happy face!

Brody and Grayson are definitely look-a-likes at about 2 years old. 

Mattox was happy when our Elf sent some Santa chocolates from the North Pole. 

Grayson was getting some practice for his new baby sister.  He will be the best big brother! 

Stopping to eat breakfast on the way to Mommy's doctor appointment.  They love hanging out with daddy. 

Mr. Grayson can be hard to settle down at bedtime, but once he's out, he is the sweetest thing. 

How beautiful is his little face while coloring?   
Riding bikes outside on a nice Fall day. 

Mattox wants to go fishing. 

Grayson practices safety wearing his bike helmet. 

Checking out the fish at the big tank in Bass Pro. 

The friendship between Mattox and Grayson is so magical to see.  Brody was wearing my mask I got at the doctor because of the bad flu season. 

Apparently my fashion preferences do reflect my eye color.  I thought the meme comparing hieroglyphics to modern emojis was pretty funny. 

Video: Christmas 2018

I am working on getting caught up on my posts as much as I can, but I made videos to help document our Christmas memories from this year.  I want to get better about compiling our family home movies because I think this may be the way our children will want to view our old family memories when they are all grown up.  I also need to work on taking more videos because there is just something about videos that really help tell the story.  You don't just see the images, but you hear them and feel like you are reliving them.  So here's to starting my family home movie I need more projects to complete.  Haha! 

Video 1 ~ The events leading up to Christmas are often as memorable as the actual day of Christmas.  We had fun getting our Christmas tree, decorating, walking through the magical Christmas lights of our local botanical gardens, and visiting Santa. 

Video 2 ~ Christmas Eve and Christmas Day filled with joys and traditions.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas at Home

We experienced a very traditional and relaxing Christmas at home this year.  Since we had gathered to celebrate with family earlier in the month, we did not have to travel for Christmas.  Papa joined us for Christmas, and Grandma and some family joined us later for New Years.  I love being at home for Christmas so that our kids can experience the magic of waking up on Christmas morning in their own home and seeing their presents around their own tree.  Christmas was such a magical time for our little Mattox who had really discovered the magic of Santa and presents.  I know they won't always believe in magic and make believe so I want to treasure this special time with them.  

I showed Mattox that "Hohoho" came to his house and brought presents.  

The presents were left, the cookies and milk eaten, and a letter was left for the boys.  

Their little present piles.  Evan's was the smallest although the most expensive.  Sigh.  

A lot of Evan's gifts were unseen since they were downloaded games for his new PS4. Mattox and Grayson needed to experience the magic of seeing some big presents for them.  Mattox received the beloved skateboard he asked for with a helmet and a new tool bench.  Grayson immediately climbed on his little bouncy horse. They also got some special matching chairs. 

Brody read Santa's letter while waiting to open his presents. 

Evan opened his big gift, and Brody opened a special Harry Potter wand that works with his tablet so that you can code your own spells.  I thought Evan would also enjoy this one. 

Mattox opened his other asked for gift...a guitar.  It was a little ukulele that he had found at TJ Maxx.  He asked for the guitar all month. 

He looks like a cowboy playing his guitar on his horse. Grayson is also going to be in Mattox's band as the drummer.  

Discovering his new drums and his own little toolbox set. 

Mattox isn't too sure about wearing his helmet but safety first! 
Brody also received a special light tracing pad to practice his art skills.  

Brody is ready to open his stocking with a little help from Mattox. 

Daddy helped Mattox open his stocking. 

Papa helps Grayson with his stocking. 

After opening the presents from Santa, we opened some gifts from family.  Evan got started playing his new PS4 with his neighbor friend who came over. 
Brody received some new games for his WiiU.  I wanted to encourage him to do something  more active so he was excited about his dancing and singing games. 

Grayson received some new musical instruments because all of our old ones had broken or disappeared over the years.  Mattox received a new t-ball stand in hopes of getting ready to play t-ball.  We decided to wait another year because of his difficulties with talking.  Evan received PS4 games from grandparents. 

I love watching these boys on Christmas. 

Papa received some presents from us, but like us, his main present is getting to watch his grandkids play. 

The nerf gun isn't new, but Evan and Brody received a shared gift of some accessories and extra bullets since those disappear quickly. Brody looks like a bad guy wearing his vest and face mask. 

Mommy finally bit the bullet and got a fitbit.  Sadly, she hasn't been all that impressed as it seems unreliable in its step counting.  It actually counts arms movements instead of leg movements so just wave your arms around and you have done a lot of exercise.  Haha! I think Grayson had been sampling some of his Christmas candy. 

After a long morning, Mattox decided it was time for a Christmas nap.

Later, the rest of the family joined us for more Christmas festivities.  Grady received a little hunting bow and arrow set from us.  Aunt Naomi loved her new necklace.

The other boys received some fun gifts from Aunt Naomi and Uncle Scott. 

Grandma opened her gifts from us. 
After presents were opened, the boys gathered to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and blow out his candles. 

Enjoying some yummy pound cake for Jesus. 
I love these boys!
I finally took pictures of our Christmas lights before they came down.  We actually found the little Christmas trees and deer in our attic that had apparently been left by the previous homeowners. 

We all said goodbye to our little deer family. 


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