Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Valentine's 2017

In the past, we have celebrated some special Valentine's that included snow.  Now that our chances of snow are just about zero, I thought we should start a new tradition and have a beachy Valentine's celebration.  February gave us many nice, warm days in our new town so it was a very pleasant day for a beach outing to Tybee Island.  Although the water was chilly, the boys were still able to enjoy getting their feet wet without getting hypothermia.  We weren't the only ones enjoying the beach on this day, but it definitely wasn't crowded and was just so nice and quiet and peaceful.  It was a fun day, and we got some nice pictures to remember it.

 photo Valentines_zps0octoxv7.jpg

 photo Valentines1_zpsvelhlklp.jpg
Our first family beach pictures with baby Grayson. 

 photo Valentines2_zpsfpyrr9t4.jpg
A few decent shots considering my kids hate the sun in their eyes.

 photo Valentines3_zps2wgjyhg6.jpg
And some silly ones too!
 photo Valentines4_zpsoobdhqg9.jpg
Baby Grayson's first Valentine's and first time at the beach. 
 photo Valentines5_zpszwbflxs3.jpg
This is love!

 photo Valentines6_zpsl6jnfdwz.jpg
I included these because I loved Mattox's face and how it shows that he can't stop showing his baby brother love. 

 photo Valentines7_zps1poqqo2z.jpg
My sweet Brody.  He just can't resist trying to chase the seagulls. 

 photo Valentines8_zpspfd6g6km.jpg
Hanging out on the beach with my babies.  Daddy doesn't love the beach as much as we do and didn't want to get wet so he just took pictures of us.  Evan was shading baby Grayson from the sun. 

 photo Valentines9_zpsrcykfham.jpg
My silly, sweet, cute Mattox.  I just love him so much and this stage he is in. 

 photo Valentines10_zpsjsvtcxxj.jpg
Brothers looking out for one another, and Mommy and her sweet littlest baby. 

 photo Valentines11_zps7ndoxqwo.jpg
Oh, I just love those faces!

 photo Valentines13_zps02nlqow6.jpg
These two will have so many adventures together with Evan always being the sensible one to keep them from harm. 

 photo Valentines14_zpsnloxd3gr.jpg
Brody teaching Mattox to play in the dirt. 

 photo Valentines15_zpso5nrwgj5.jpg
Evan encourages Brody to get more exercise. 

 photo Valentines16_zps2uidr4sg.jpg
This kid is always running. 
 photo Valentines12_zpspxsffzxs.jpg
Tybee Island will be our main beach although if it is too crowded in the summer, we will venture down to Jekyll Island or up to Hilton Head.  The boys found this poor jellyfish on the beach.  These are unusual jellyfish without the long tentacles that sting.  

 photo Valentines17_zpsrkwwcmqx.jpg
Some of our special Valentine's decor with my pretty red roses from Daddy, cards, and balloons for the boys. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Grayson's 2nd Month

Well, I am way behind as usual, but we are just having so much fun raising these four little men, and it is hard to keep up with everything.  I am just loving my precious time with my littlest man before he becomes a big guy.  It is all going way too fast.  Here are the highlights from Grayson's second month:

 photo Grayson1_zpszw1ugpkd.jpg

 photo Grayson2_zpsnz4kdy8g.jpg

 photo Grayson3_zps6xdz3bzf.jpg

 photo Grayson4_zpsvelyvcle.jpg

 photo Grayson5_zpsq7mom5sd.jpg

 photo Grayson6_zpsp6cr4zsb.jpg
He does love his daddy and showed it in his special shirt for Daddy's birthday. He makes lots of cute and expressive faces. 

 photo Grayson7_zpsh36vztxz.jpg
And some pretty funny mad faces.  He doesn't get mad often, but he'll definitely let you know when he isn't happy. 

 photo Grayson8_zpsonhsbnde.jpg
Obviously, he wasn't too pleased during this photo session.  I didn't purchase too many new outfits for Grayson although I did get a few more warm outfits for the winter months.  I couldn't resist this little tree themed one piece from Old Navy which went along perfectly with the tree cookie numbers I found at Hobby Lobby on major sale.  I am planning to hang those numbers in his room and am gradually working on a more woodland themed room. 

 photo Grayson9_zpseqoabw7e.jpg
Sweet baby working on his tummy time exercises and trying to hold his head up.   Do any babies really enjoy tummy time?  

 photo Grayson10_zps6pv0vem2.jpg
He did have really strong neck muscles and could lift his head up pretty well at 6 weeks old. 

 photo Grayson11_zpsrl2nswgd.jpg
Showing us who the boss was!  Those faces just make me laugh. 

 photo Grayson12_zpsfr9toyoe.jpg
And telling big brother Evan he is the boss!

 photo Grayson13_zpsgryqmxyy.jpg
We don't mind being bossed around by this cute baby. 

 photo Grayson14_zps4cec1xld.jpg
Poor baby had to do too much car seat riding that month on his trips between North Carolina and Georgia. 

 photo Grayson15_zps0mmkszy3.jpg
So cute at 7 weeks old. 

 photo Grayson16_zpsvei6uikw.jpg

 photo Grayson17_zpsmmvowxch.jpg
I love baby outfits with cute animals, especially on the bootie.  I can't resist taking a picture of the bootie shot.  Haha!  I also couldn't resist this awesome pillow that I found while looking for new sheets for us at Belk during after Christmas sales.  I price checked it on a whim and was expecting it to still cost over $20 but was pleasantly surprised when it was only about $7.  I had to have it for one of the boys' rooms.  I think it will go great in the nursery for now.  It is a really plump and soft pillow with a nice heavy cover material.  

 photo Grayson18_zpsxlso9ehq.jpg
Ugh, mean mommy making me do more tummy time exercises. 

 photo Grayson19_zpsrqcxo6dt.jpg
Sweet faces. 

 photo Grayson20_zpsijjdut5z.jpg
Cute little puckered lips and serious face. 

 photo Grayson21_zps7wyu5eh9.jpg
Starting to get smiley.  I loved this little sleeper with foxes on the feet.  

 photo Grayson22_zps4l6xk7dv.jpg
Pretty baby. 

 photo Grayson23_zpskmg2pz9t.jpg
One last NC visit from Grandma and Aunt Naomi and cousin Grady before the big move.  Grady says we live too far away now.  He misses his baby. 

 photo Grayson24_zpsipiyzom9.jpg
Sweet little brother. 

 photo Grayson25_zps6xaw5pbt.jpg
Some sweet little smiles to end a sweet month with our littlest man.  I already miss him like this.  Why do the first months and years of a baby's life go so fast?  

Health Update:  So far, there are really no concerns with Mr. Grayson.  He has been growing well and eating well.  He is still breastfeeding solely.  I did try to give him a little formula to supplement, but he didn't really want it and still seems to be getting what he needs from me so we are just waiting a little longer.  His reflux issues did seem to have subsided this month so we stopped taking the zantac.  He does still seem to get gassy, but it doesn't usually make him too fussy.  The moving business did make this a more chaotic and crazy month, but it didn't seem to affect Grayson too much.  We just didn't get him to his 2 month well check up so he had to wait until 3 months.  I wasn't too worried as I could tell he was filling out nicely and seemed to be gaining weight.  I suspect he weighed about 10 lbs. at 2 months as he was about 12 and a half pounds at his 3 month check up which put him in the 10th to 25th percentile range.  He really started smiling at us all a lot this month.  He still resembles Brody a lot in looks and personality.  Grayson seems to like to be tickled and just loves being talked to.  He also started trying to sleep through the night by six weeks old and has been steadily doing so ever since.  He normally goes to sleep between 9:30 and 10:00 after a final feeding, and I usually have to wake him up by 5:00 or 6:00 to pump and/or feed him.  He goes back to sleep after and will sleep a couple more hours if we don't have to get up.  Since big brothers have to be at school very early, Daddy usually takes them so we don't all have to get out of the house that early.  He has also been nursing well and frequently during the day to make up for sleeping all night.  Grayson is just such a joy to our family, and I love watching his big brothers, especially Mattox, love on him.  Mattox gives him lots of "bah" (special Mattox kisses) and comes running to comfort him if he cries.  I can't wait to watch their relationship grow as I know it will be special.  We just love this baby to pieces.  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jammed January {2017}

Whoa, January!  You were a bit crazy with preparing for our big move.  Surprisingly, this post and its pictures won't really reflect too much of that craziness.  I guess I don't really like to document the less pleasant parts of life in pictures because I took 0 pictures of the moving process.  Not the stacks of boxes I packed up during the month or the crazy full day the movers spent loading it all in the truck.  To be fair, Eddie had to deal with most of that business while I got to have fun going with Brody on his school field trip.  I did handle most of the packing though.  This post is really making me nostalgic already since it was our last month in North Carolina in the only real home Mattox has known and the home where we first brought baby Grayson.  We will always have a special place in our hearts for that house and the town of Holly Springs and the friends we made.  Evan will particularly miss his school, Cub Scout, and neighborhood friends.  Thankfully, it didn't take that social butterfly long to make new friends at school and in our neighborhood, and we are so thankful to have so many kids his age on our street.  We have also found a nice church where the boys can be involved in lots of activities spiritually and socially.  So this post is the last post in the era of our North Carolina lives, but it ushered in a whole new era of life in coastal Georgia.

 photo January1_zpslzywjl68.jpg
Starting out the New Year with a special New Year's lunch together.  I love drinking sweet tea from Mason jars. The boys enjoyed their hot chocolate.
 photo January2_zpsrjyteefy.jpg
Lots and lots of snuggling. 

 photo January3_zpsw80hhfst.jpg
We hit the road for our first trip down to Georgia to find a new home. 

 photo January4_zpsob9ujhpu.png
After we got back to NC and had an unexpected snow break from school, we took the opportunity to go see Star Wars:  The Force Awakens. Yes, all of us!

 photo January5_zpsdh34otyk.jpg
Oh, Mattox!  You find the strangest places to fall asleep, and you pull all my clothes out of my drawers.  Sweet little Grayson just loves sleeping. 

 photo January6_zpsqlyts5yd.jpg
Yay for ice cream from the ice cream truck on a "snow day."  The snow was all gone and temperatures were in the 70's again.  Welcome to North Carolina!  Sometimes I find sweet notes from Brody.  "I like to play wii.  Love mommy.  love Brody"  

 photo January7_zpst9plv52x.jpg
Big brother love is the best!

 photo January8_zpsm2tuyymj.jpg
Oh this kid!  He is the silliest!  He took the whole hand under the bathroom door up a notch and passed me a washcloth.  I guess he thought I would need it.  Bahaha!  He also passed me one of my bras he had pulled out of my drawer.  My reward for locking him out was a mess he left for me. And I know I am going to get so many laughs from these pictures one day down the road. 

 photo January9_zpswqaxqc5h.jpg
And Brody is equally silly and funny.  He picked a "treasure" from his school treasure box for good behavior and brought home this "stink bug."  Haha!  He also drew a sweet picture of him and Cocoa and enjoyed his last days playing with his neighbor friend, Katherine.  

 photo January10_zpslfqwxjae.jpg
Lots of brotherly love going on. 

 photo January11_zpsdoxxemh2.jpg
Yummy lunch time for this kid. 

 photo January12_zpstaphydwo.jpg
He loves getting to eat lunch with Daddy sometimes.  He may not get these opportunities much anymore because Daddy works so far away in an area with very few restaurants.  

 photo January13_zps3c4hqnxa.jpg
We enjoyed some time outside, and Mattox found a new favorite nap place...under the laundry basket.  Sigh. 

 photo January14_zpsn4msahh6.jpg
Brody brought home a snowman from school, and I just liked the tire cover on the back of this Jeep and thought Evan would like it too.  I seriously stalked that car to get this picture.  Haha!  We do love Jeeps so he may end up with a Jeep Wrangler one day. 

 photo January15_zpsehq2pzrt.png
Awww, the boys sleeping in their old NC home for the last time.  We had to sleep on the floor the last night.  Evan and Brody slept in sleeping bags in their room, Mattox slept on an air mattress with Mommy and Daddy, and Grayson slept in the pack and play. 

 photo January16_zpsu38xfe6s.jpg
And the boys wake up for the first time in their new Georgia home. 

 photo January17_zpsxzikd67o.jpg
And it doesn't look like it took too long to get moved in.  The movers arrived the day after we arrived and moved all the furniture in, but there was still a lot of unpacking to do.  Eddie had one week to help us before he had to start work. 

 photo January18_zpsxsv5g52n.jpg
But we enjoyed ending our month playing outside in our new yard.  Don't you just love the Spanish moss dripping from that tree in our front yard and that our azaleas were blooming in January?  Evan was riding his old toddler bike because his other one that is also too small for him has a flat tire that needs fixing.  He should be getting a new bike for his birthday. 

 photo January19_zpsxd6kke5p.png
I thought this one was funny, but I mostly just liked how it took my profile picture and made it like a pencil drawing.  I think that child does look a little like my oldest niece. 

 photo January20_zpswete5jtr.png
And what I will look like in my future apparently.  Ha!

 photo January21_zpsuo1498xh.jpg
And I did Grayson just for fun.  Haha!  The second picture looks like a friend of mine from high school.  

 photo January22_zpsi0lm6opw.png
Yay!  I still got it.  One of my pet peeves is when auto-correct on my phone changes something I type when I send it out and makes me look dumb.  Sigh.  You would think they would get better at making auto-correct work properly after all these years. 


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