Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Christmas 2016

Our Christmas was pretty simple this year.  We enjoyed a nice Christmas Eve together as a family as we prepared for the festivities the next day.  Daddy did a lot of cooking to get ready while Mommy tried to wrap presents while caring for a new baby and keeping an active toddler from undoing her work.  Ha!  Christmas morning brought all the joys of watching the boys rush out to see what Santa had left for them.  After a couple of hours of joyful fun and excitement, we prepared to host lunch for Eddie's mom, sister, and nephew Grady as well as my dad.  We enjoyed a feast of chicken pastry (that's what we call chicken and homemade noodles in the south), green bean casserole, corn on the cob, rolls, pecan and chocolate chip cookie pies, and some yummy sausage balls and candied pecans for appetizers.  After lunch, we opened more presents together.  It was a fun and tiring day so we were all ready for bed early that night.  Well, Mommy is always ready for bed early these days since she is up several times a night.  The next day, we hit the road for one more Christmas celebration with Daddy's family.

 photo Christmas29_zpsewo2l3me.jpg
Stockings are hung, presents are wrapped, and there is only one more sleep until Christmas Day!

 photo Christmas30_zpsd2t2eofy.jpg
Celebrating Jesus's birthday is the main reason to celebrate!

 photo Christmas25_zpse77os8ln.jpg
The boys work together to make Jesus's birthday cake. 

 photo Christmas26_zpsyzbvgy4f.jpg
Happy 2016th birthday, Jesus!  The boys wanted hot cocoa with marshmallows with their birthday cake. 

 photo Christmas31_zpsakiuzvha.jpg
Santa came!  Evan's big gift was a Airsoft bb gun.  Brody's was an art easel.  Mattox's was a ball pit and his vacuum cleaner which was his favorite.  

 photo Christmas32_zps8dx4ivp8.jpg
He loves his vacuum cleaner!  I debated getting one of the cute ones that looks more like a real one, but I liked that this little Fisher Price one sings songs and lights up.  He likes it too.  

 photo Christmas33_zpsem5ts2sw.jpg
Some of Evan's and Brody's favorite gifts were wrapped. Brody finally got the Game of Life because he and Evan love playing it on the kindle. 

 photo Christmas34_zpskqkyjagv.jpg
Brody also got a Lite Brite and some fun Melissa and Doug food sets.  Evan got two Lego sets to build the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.  

 photo Christmas35_zpsykndr78n.jpg
Chef Brody loves his cookie and ice cream set.  I tried to get Mattox to open a present, but he just wanted his vacuum cleaner. 

 photo Christmas36_zpsvpxrywpw.jpg
He finally opened one and got this cute little play steering wheel.  I actually wanted this one for the car because he loves to pretend to drive.  When we go out to the garage to get in the car, I always have to fight to get him in the car because he wants to get in his little car and drive.  I am hopeful having a steering wheel in the big car will make it easier to get him in his seat. 

 photo Christmas37_zpspndabq2x.jpg
Big brothers all enjoyed Mattox's ball pit. 

 photo Christmas39_zpso2em4yb6.jpg
Mommy just may have bought the lite brite for herself.  I loved my lite brite as a child.  I do boys rock! 

 photo Christmas38_zpsaxshdoz9.jpg
The boys are ready for their stockings. 

 photo Christmas40_zpsckd5rsnr.jpg
Artist Brody is already making masterpieces while Evan and Mattox check out their stockings. 

 photo Christmas41_zpsauogwdwi.jpg
Mattox enjoyed his chocolate Santa. 

 photo Christmas42_zpsf7zn1dxj.jpg
Stockings were filled with a new movie for each, some chocolates, and a few other small gifts.  Evan got some bb's for his gun and a Harry Potter coloring book, Brody got an art smock, dry erase markers and erasers for his easel, and Mattox got some new books. 

 photo Christmas43_zps33353np4.jpg
Grayson also got some treats in his stocking.  

 photo Christmas27_zpsru7s0wbc.jpg
Mommy and Daddy also put some treats in one another's underwear and chocolate!

 photo Christmas44_zpssamf6xgw.jpg
Some of our yummy feast cooking. 

 photo Christmas45_zpslubogtyq.jpg
The big boys enjoyed playing Evan's new Fantasy Monopoly game while eating some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 

 photo Christmas46_zpsukcltecc.jpg
Opening more gifts with Grandma and Papa.  

 photo Christmas47_zps5ef7vnmk.jpg
Brody loved his new kitchen appliances from Aunt Naomi, and Mattox got another car steering wheel for in the house.  Baby Grayson got a new play mat set. 

 photo Christmas48_zpswcboop13.jpg
Grandma and Papa both got some new sweaters. 

 photo Christmas49_zpszjpsdxag.jpg
Baby Grayson just looked too cute for his first Christmas. 

 photo Christmas50_zpsobym8ld4.jpg
He finally got to meet his Great-Grandpa, his only living great-grandparent now.  

 photo Christmas51_zpsksmi2m1y.jpg
Our family enjoyed another entertaining game of "Dirty Santa."  We love "stealing" one another's gifts. 

 photo Christmas52_zpsa7mub7ao.jpg
Aunt Dava, Uncle Matthew, and Aunt Homa led us all in some Christmas carols. 2017 will bring some special events to our family.  Hudson and Olivia will be getting married, Aaron and Christie will welcome a new baby boy, and cousin Andrew and his wife Ashley will be welcoming boy/girl twins.  

 photo Christmas53_zps4dkmawta.jpg
Cousin Marian, Grandma and Papa James watch the excitement while Kenny entertains his boys and Grady.  Cousin Kenny provided my comic relief for the day when he opened a gift that contained some lotions that were made from hemp.  It had a picture of a hemp plant on the bottles, and he was excited to receive his "marijuana" lotion.  Haha!  

Friday, December 30, 2016

Mattie's 4th Christmas in Heaven

 photo Christmas1_zpsygtmbpwt.jpg

Dear Mattie,

We celebrated another Christmas without you.  Christmas is just one of those times when we really miss having you here with us.  It is such a special time filled with so many traditions that we would love to share with you.  We want to see you open your presents along with your brothers and see your little face light up with joy and excitement.  We want you to be a part of our family pictures and memories.  You would now be three and a half years old, and I don't know anything about what you would like or be interested in.  It is getting harder to imagine what you would want for Christmas since I can't know you here on earth.  I know in heaven none of these things really matter, but they matter to us down here because they are just another reminder that you aren't here.  You now have two little brothers who will never get to know you.  Watching Mattox love on your new baby brother shows me how much you would likely have loved your baby brothers.  I know you are watching over us all, and I hope you enjoy sharing in our traditions.  We love you and will never forget you.  We will likely have many more years of missing you here with us.  For now, here is how we honor and remember you at Christmas time:

 photo Christmas2_zpsxovdjmwk.jpg
Mommy made another wreath for you this year.  I loved the pink and gold ribbon and ornaments and the special pink angel wings. 

 photo Christmas3_zpsyq9xgep9.jpg
We visited you for Thanksgiving to take your wreath before your little brother arrived. 

 photo Christmas4_zpssudauv4q.jpg
Mommy loves you. 
 photo Christmas5_zpslg7j3a3g.jpg
And so does little brother Mattox. 
 photo Christmas6_zpsvhksbvvt.jpg

 photo Christmas8_zpsfrx1ewyx.jpg
Our family just doesn't feel complete without you. 

 photo Christmas7.1_zpsu4osiw7d.jpg
Just a little idea of what we would look like with you here. 

 photo Christmas9.1_zpsdlvbjcax.jpg
And you in our Christmas pictures. 

Christmas Outfits for you

 photo Christmas15_zpskyxtlsuj.jpg
Some Christmas pajamas for you. 

 photo Christmas16_zpswuufrhs4.jpg
And a little Christmas dress. 

 photo Christmas17_zpsuj0csims.jpg
You are definitely on the nice list...actually the perfect list! 

 photo Christmas18_zps91c2fg4u.jpg

Presents for you

 photo Christmas10_zpsf1sjfc9w.jpg
I don't know what you might like this year, but since you would be watching Mommy care for your baby brothers, I suspect you may want your own baby to care for. 

 photo Christmas11_zpsa94udvln.jpg
Maybe an older looking doll too. 

 photo Christmas12_zpsbtvmvi03.jpg
You would want to feed them. 

 photo Christmas13_zpsn8m9jchl.jpg
You would need a tricycle to keep up with big brothers. 

 photo Christmas14_zpsc8fbxaie.jpg
And you may want some more dress up clothes.  I bought your cousin some dress up trunks when she was about your age, and she loved them.  

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Santa and Elf Business

Our kids still enjoy our Santa and elf traditions.  We don't specifically try to encourage them to believe and just enjoy this fun tradition together.  If any of our kids ever specifically ask about the validity of Santa Claus, we will have a truthful discussion at that time.  We always stress that the true meaning of Christmas is about Jesus's birth and that he is the greatest Christmas present ever.  The traditions we utilize to celebrate Jesus's birthday are our most precious traditions but visiting Santa and seeing what mischief our elf visitor gets into every year is just for fun.

 photo Santa1_zpsdkuvfonm.jpg
Our elf buddy Brewster arrived a little later this year awaiting the arrival of our little Grayson.  He brought some Christmas doughnuts and a sweet letter to the boys. 

 photo Santa2_zpsukqqspu9.jpg
Eating their snowman doughnuts.  Mattox got some too. 
 photo Santa3_zpsakaidwfk.jpg
Brewster thought the boys would like chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast on another morning. Then, he trapped himself in a snow globe.  He was still inside the next morning so we figured he couldn't get out.  We took the bowl off of him so he could get out the next night. 

 photo Santa4_zps1270g4oz.jpg
He left the boys and Mattie a sweet candy cane love note, and he and Snoopy had a little sledding adventure. 

 photo Santa5_zpsdaxslxku.jpg
He was hanging out on the stable above baby Jesus one day, and he built a Lego Christmas tree another day. 

 photo Santa6_zpsatltfofz.jpg
He drew the boys some funny face art on their bathroom mirror.  Apparently, he also really likes Home Alone because he quoted the old movie line and called the boys "filthy animals."  Haha! 

 photo Santa10_zpsm6wrqqjs.jpg
After hanging out in the bathroom, he had an unfortunate incident.  We try to keep the bathroom door closed to keep Mr. Mattox out, but he got in there and gave Mr. Brewster a little bath in the least we hope it was the sink.  He brought him to me in the living room and handed him to me wet.  When I checked the bathroom, he had also knocked a glass candle onto the floor so I was very thankful he had not gotten hurt.  The next day, Brewster seemed to come down with a little cold and needed to recover.  After he was feeling better, he "elfed" the boys' pictures and gave them all little hats. 

 photo Santa7_zpsac4pnmqc.jpg
The boys all wrote their letters to Santa this year.  Our town had a special mailbox where we could mail our letters.  

 photo Santa11_zpszebrxdro.jpg
Taking our letters to the mailbox. 

 photo Santa12_zpsxwwiz716.jpg
Everyone mailed their letters. 
 photo Santa13_zpsel8vyflq.jpg
Santa showed up to pick up his mail!  Our town posted that picture on their facebook or instagram account. 
 photo Santa8_zps2bjlsmgg.jpg
The boys were so excited to receive responses from Santa.  It looks like Santa is a U.S. citizen since his address is in Alaska.  Or maybe he just keeps an address there so he doesn't have to pay crazy international postage rates.  Haha!

 photo Santa9_zpskfiprq3x.jpg

 photo Santa14_zpsrmormqfo.jpg
The boys got to meet Santa in our little town. 
 photo Santa15_zps9d3km8h0.jpg
We also had a little photo prop fun.  I think Mattox makes a really cute Santa. 

 photo Santa16_zpsjsa4ctah.jpg
And finally Santa showed up on Christmas Eve to leave his surprises and a special letter from him and Brewster.  The boys almost forgot to leave him some treats that night so I left him some of Daddy's sausage balls and candied pecans. 


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