Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Celebration #3 ~ Our House

Our third and final Christmas celebration took place last Sunday at our house when we gathered with Uncle Paul's family to watch and cheer our beloved Panthers to another victory against the Atlanta Falcons to score a spot in the NFL Playoffs!  Go Panthers!  We are so proud of the season our team has played this year and are hoping for our first Super Bowl victory for the team and our bright new quarterback, Cam Newton.  Cam is already pretty notorious coming out of his collegiate football career with the cherished Heisman Trophy after winning a national championship and becoming the #1 NFL draft pick in 2011.  He also shattered Peyton Manning's record of first rookie quarterback to throw for 400 yards in his first game and 4,000 yards in his first season and first rookie quarterback to rush for 700 yards. So all this star needs now is a Super Bowl victory!  Let's give it to him, Panthers!  ;-)

While the rest of the family watched the game, Emma and I (the girly girls) watched a movie that I DVRed over Christmas for us.  Emma and I both share a love of the Mandie book series that I read as a young girl and passed on to Emma, and we have since discovered that several movies have been made based on the books.  When I saw that "Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas" was showing on TV, I knew I had to record it for her.  We enjoyed watching the adaptation and dishing about how much was changed from the books.

After the game and movie were over, we gathered around the Christmas tree.  Since Papa and Nana could not be with us due to illnesses, Uncle Paul read the Christmas story to the kids from the Brick Bible and then we exchanged gifts.

 photo Christmas1_zpsce527c69.jpg
The bright colored pictures in these Bible stories are a big hit with the kids...and I love them too!

 photo Christmas2_zps4696a1ba.jpg
The big kids listening sweetly to the story. 

 photo Christmas3_zps15e75ab4.jpg
Reade was having a little trouble being patient and listening to the story.

 photo Christmas4_zpse58ad7b0.jpg
Brody wanted Daddy to read his own book to him.

 photo Christmas5_zps246e5bd1.jpg
Reade was happy to have a cool new nerf gun to use when the zombie apocalypse starts. 

 photo Christmas6_zpsb6d835fc.jpg
Lanny and Reade will protect us from the zombies!

 photo Christmas7_zpsca37e21b.jpg
Emma opens her presents carefully to avoid tearing her pretty paper and ribbons.

 photo Christmas8_zps69c90369.jpg
Evan got a cool new Lego dragon castle to work on. 

 photo Christmas9_zps4e85ff02.jpg
And Brody has been loving his new shopping cart and kitchen all-in-one set.

 photo Christmas10_zpsc08f8774.jpg
I will have to share pictures soon of how cute this little boy looks cooking his meals for us and feeding Daddy plastic food.  There is just nothing cuter!

 photo Christmas11_zpsd93940fb.jpg
Emma got some pretty special gifts.

I found this book this summer at the North Carolina History Museum and just had to get it for Emma.  
And I also have to share a picture of this gift for Emma and Cate.  I got Emma the skirt and necklace set with a matching skirt for Cate from this sweet Charlotte friend and Mom.  If you have little girls, you have to check out her Etsy shop, Little Red Poppies.  
 photo Christmas12_zps2922538a.jpg
Daddy putting Brody's shopping cart kitchen together.

Now, Christmas is over, the decorations have been put away until next year, and a new year has begun!  What will it hold for us all this year?  I just pray for God's blessings on all of us for the coming year, and I know that no matter what, God will be with us!

Christmas Celebration #2 ~ In the Rock

After we finished the Christmas morning festivities, we got the kids dressed and headed to the Rock (the nickname for Daddy's hometown of Rockingham) for Christmas with Grandma and Great-Grandpa.  We all met for an appetizer style lunch in Hamlet and some more gift opening before going to Great-Grandpa's for present opening with Grandma.  Daddy's family has grown so much that we have to meet at Great-Aunt Dava's Women's Club instead of someone's house.  The kids always have a great time together.

 photo Christmas180_zpsfb71dde7.jpg
Great-Grandpa smiling for the camera while he opens his presents from everyone.  He had a tough year with his health, but I think he looked great at Christmas and was very happy to be with everyone.  He loves watching all of his great-grandchildren playing.

 photo Christmas181_zps31ccc38a.jpg
All of the kids enjoyed watching Evan playing on the kindle. 

 photo Christmas182_zps9d3f2342.jpg
Brody just looking cute in one of his favorite poses.

 photo Christmas183_zps7aae7f74.jpg
We all bring miscellaneous gifts every year and usually play a lively game of "Dirty Santa."  I brought this cute and girly apron this year that I found at Home Goods.  I thought one of the younger women would like it.  Aunt Dava switched the game this year to one where we have to move the gifts around the circle to a Christmas story to see who ends up with what gift.  Uncle Garry LOVED his apron!  Haha!  The funny thing is he does really enjoy cooking, but I am sure he prefers a more masculine apron.  Luckily, cousin Hudson traded him to give the apron to his girlfriend.  

 photo Christmas184_zps6d8e23ea.jpg
We enjoyed chatting with Great-Grandpa.

 photo Christmas185_zps3c7d0d80.jpg
Evan passed out the presents at Grandma's and Great-Grandpa's.

 photo Christmas186_zps09e9a346.jpg
Brody and cousin Grady are ready for their presents.

 photo Christmas187_zps74544fea.jpg
Brody digging in.  He got even more toot toots 'cause you can never have too many toot toots!

 photo Christmas188_zps09aaf094.jpg
And Evan got some more Skylanders.

 photo Christmas189_zps9b87cae6.jpg
The boys just love Grandma.  Brody has finally started saying Grandma recently, and he ask for her often.

 photo Christmas190_zps31447f80.jpg
Grandma has always been one of Evan's favorite people.

 photo Christmas191_zps9225a3f2.jpg
I helped Grady open some of his presents.

 photo Christmas192_zpsfc1dcecb.jpg
And all the boys loved his new car.

Christmas Celebration #1 ~ Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is one of our most special traditions to share with our kids.  While we have done Santa in our house for the last few years, we do strive to teach our children what Christmas is really about and to teach them through all of our traditions about Jesus' love, forgiveness, and sacrifice.  For now, it is hard to not do Santa when so many others do, and the kids see and hear of him everywhere.  He is more of a "character" in our stories though than a real person.  If I am honest, I really can't remember a time in my childhood when I actually believed that a real Santa figure brought presents to my house.  I think I always kind of knew the presents were from mom and dad, and it still felt pretty magical to me.  I think if we really came out and asked Evan about Santa, he would reason the same way.  Instead, we focus on teaching him that Jesus is a real character and that his story is real.

Eddie and I consider ourselves very lucky that so far our kids have kindly allowed us to sleep on Christmas morning and actually give us time to get up and get dressed before going downstairs to see their presents. Evan woke up first and patiently waited in our room until we were dressed, and Brody awoke.  Mommy and Daddy were still pretty tired from the duties of the night, but we didn't have to go downstairs and have pictures of us with crazy bed hair in our pajamas another year.  Haha!  I intentionally want the boys to have crazy hair and wear their Christmas pajamas though because that is part of the Christmas memories.

 photo Christmas153_zps92bbb22a.jpg
We left our milk and cookies out for Santa.

 photo Christmas147_zps7c5ce2f6.jpg
We had promised Evan that he and Brody could open their presents from each other on Christmas Eve. 

 photo Christmas148_zps9658a687.jpg
Brody calls Evan "Edah" and he doesn't say his own name yet...just "me." 
 photo Christmas149_zps9f4d3b6d.jpg
Evan picked out and wrapped Brody's gift.

 photo Christmas150_zpseb875451.jpg
It is a cute little dinosaur toy that transforms into a car.  Brody prefers the car. 

 photo Christmas151_zps6b798e35.jpg
Evan got the new nerf gun he wanted. 

 photo Christmas152_zpsb1d17192.jpg
Brody drove his little car all around until bedtime and then he didn't want to let go so he fell asleep holding it.

 photo Christmas154_zps999eec0d.jpg
A sweet letter Santa and our elf, Brewster, left for the boys.  Evan read the letter to us.

 photo Christmas155_zpsfa2285d3.jpg
Our stockings were filled.

 photo Christmas156_zps39db53ad.jpg
Santa informed Daddy that it was his job to set up Brody's train table.  Haha!

 photo Christmas158_zpsfd3f2934.jpg
The train table all set up.  How often do you think it will look this "perfect"? 

 photo Christmas159_zpscd285deb.jpg
Brody got some special trains from his favorite show, Chuggington.

 photo Christmas157_zpsb28b0755.jpg
And a little pirate ship, some puzzles, and a little drill set just like daddy's.

 photo Christmas160_zps69fffbd6.jpg
Evan got his own Kindle Fire with a green case, the new Skylanders Wii game he wanted, his very own real bow and arrow set with a target, and finally got Super Mario Bros. for Wii (which Mommy has wanted for a while but refused to pay $50.00 for it since it never got reduced in price).  

 photo Christmas161_zps9373727e.jpg
Brody playing with his little dinosaur car while waiting to go see what Santa brought him.

 photo Christmas162_zps11dc4643.jpg
He loves his "cah." 

 photo Christmas163_zpsffb0a86b.jpg
Sweet brothers on Christmas morning.

 photo Christmas164_zps49954486.jpg
Big brother loves taking care of his baby brother.

 photo Christmas165_zps7cc7c6fb.jpg
This face says it all.  His Chuggington "toot toots" were definitely his favorites!

 photo Christmas166_zps07cf5a7c.jpg
He doesn't say all the characters names, but he identifies all the characters by name correctly.  

 photo Christmas167_zps4fa40f9b.jpg
Evan enjoyed playing with little brother's toys too.

 photo Christmas168_zps93626491.jpg
Checking out his "toot toots."

 photo Christmas169_zps19a3ee03.jpg
Evan checking out his pile.

 photo Christmas170_zps667a2b0a.jpg
Excited about his bow and arrow.

 photo Christmas171_zpsaa9508d7.jpg
And his very own Kindle.  The Kindle is more than a toy and is also so educational for him.  I have it set up to limit the amount of time he can play games and apps, but he has unlimited reading time.  Since the day after Christmas, he has already read the first three books in the Magic Tree House series and is almost through with the fourth book.  I am so impressed with his reading and just hope to inspire a love of reading that will last him a lifetime. 

 photo Christmas172_zps5c598e7e.jpg
Brody enjoyed his trains all morning.

 photo Christmas173_zps9fc3e390.jpg
We did pull him away from the trains briefly to check out his other gifts.

 photo Christmas174_zpscd975dc4.jpg
I just love his little sweet face as he drives his trains.

 photo Christmas175_zps6acbdcde.jpg
Evan got right to playing his new Wii games.

 photo Christmas176_zps3d7057d7.jpg
The joys of Christmas

 photo Christmas177_zps823ad5db.jpg
Evan opened his stocking to reveal a new movie, candy, and cool new underwear.  

 photo Christmas179_zps3e6d366b.jpg
Brody also got a new movie and underwear in his stocking.  Ha!

 photo Christmas178_zpsd98ba47a.jpg
And candy!


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