Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas from Jingles!

Jingles is 91 (in dog years) so he is not a "spring chicken" any more! Regardless, he is still my "baby" and I will continue to dote on him as long as I have the opportunity. While shopping at the "ball store" (aka Target), I happened upon some cute little doggy hoodies in the cheap bins and had to get one for Jingles that had a very special message on it. Christmas time is always special for me and Jingles because it is like his "second" birthday. He was born in November, but he came to me on Christmas Eve in 1996 in a tiny little Santa hat. I will never forget that wonderful Christmas!

Here are some pictures of my "first baby" for his 13th Christmas:

"Woof...Merry Christmas!"

"And a Bah Humbug too!"

There was a special treat in Jingles's stocking for him (chicken nuggets)!

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