Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Evan's 1st School Christmas Program

Evan was supposed to be in his first preschool Christmas program this year. All we were told was he was supposed to wear black pants and a white shirt (not that all the kids in his class actually observed these directions). We couldn't even get Evan to give us any hints as to what he would sing or do. His teacher finally hinted that they were singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas!" Daddy and Mommy arrived at his school early, and Daddy helped get him dressed. Unfortunately, we think it was a bad idea to let him see us before the show, but hindsight is 20-20! I went into the "theater" to find a good spot for photographing and videoing. One of the four year olds started the program with a special greeting, and then the three's and four's performed their songs. I figured Evan's class would be next, but then the one's came out with their little bells and "performed" Jingle Bells. Finally, after a couple of "solo" performances, Evan's class, the Two's, came out. All of these kids seemed to go beserk when they saw their parents. Daddy walked in with Evan, but he tried to slip away when Evan wasn't looking. Evan broke down into tears and was reaching out for his Daddy and looking everywhere for him. Daddy had to go back and stand with him to calm him down, but unfortunately, the damage was done. He stuck that thumb in his mouth and just stood there. After the performances, I managed to actually get some decent shots of him on the stage and did get a video of him "performing" in his own special way.

Check out the pictures from this memorable experience:

Evan's class is ready for the show!

Evan and Daddy pose for a picture in front of his classroom Christmas tree!

The audience awaits!

The stage is set!

At least he looked pretty on stage!

Mommy gives her little star a hug after the show!

Doing what he does best...posing for a picture!

Although Evan refused to sing, he did put on a little show for me. I really think he is a little shy about singing. He loves to sing and will sing along to the radio in the car or make up songs while he is playing by himself, but if he thinks we are listening, he will usually stop. It is really a shame that he won't share his "talent" because he has the sweetest little voice. He definitely got his musical abilities from his Daddy!

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