Sunday, December 20, 2009


So it has been an interesting semester as a 1L law student. I have definitely missed some precious time with Evan, but we have made up for that lost time. Property and Contracts classes were definitely interesting, to say the least! Wow, there is a lot more to being a lawyer than I thought. As of Monday night at 8:30 p.m., we were officially finished with all of our first Final Exams so a great group of us CSL night students decided to get together for a celebratory dinner. Really, I do believe this is the most interesting group of people I have ever met! We are all balancing careers, families, and law school. Most of these guys have traveled extensively. Eddie had more fun than I did, and he is begging for another get together! He really clicked with my pal Karen's fiance from England and other law student pal, Tyler.

We met at Karen's new store, a really swanky store called Lantern and Scroll that will sell beautiful handcrafted lighting fixtures (mostly copper) made by her dad's factory in Columbia, SC. I highly recommend that Charlotteans check it out! We enjoyed toasting to our future endeavors and eating some really delicious brie! After a great meet and greet session, we all headed to Carraba's for some yummy Italian fare and drinks!

Here are some pictures from our "rare" night on the town:

The gang: Tyler, Karen, Brooke, Jolee, Katie, Irene, Jorge, and Me

Karen and her very interesting fiance, Richard

Of course, Eddie thought he was the life of the party. He also enjoyed sitting far from me with the guys.

Irene and her handsome man

Brooke and another law student buddy, Beth Street

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