Saturday, January 5, 2019

2018 in Review

As has become the norm the last couple of years, I am still way behind on logging our memories here.  I am currently about halfway through 2018, and I hope to get even more caught up in the next few weeks before our new baby girl arrives.  That is probably being a bit ambitious, but it is January...the month of resolutions so there's mine I guess.  I did manage to get our yearly Shutterfly calendar prepared so I do have that little gem to help capture some of the highlights of our year.  Here is a little summary of our year told by our calendar pages:

I guess to simply live, laugh, and love is a pretty good theme for our year.  We took our annual Spring family pictures in Savannah's famous Forsyth Park.  It was such a gorgeous day. 

We rang in the New Year together and enjoyed the very very rare snow day that hit our area of Georgia before proceeding north. 

We gave and received lots of love in February after celebrating our Daddy's big 40th birthday. 

Mattox is definitely a believer in making his own luck.  He was not feeling very photogenic for St. Patrick's Day, but he did enjoy celebrating his 3rd birthday.  Evan enjoyed a Harry Potter 11th birthday complete with a Hagrid made cake and receiving his invitation letter to Hogwarts. 

In April, we celebrated Easter and attempted to get a picture with the Easter bunny.  It was pretty epic with two out of four boys not loving it.  Brody turned 7 with a special Skylanders cake and a visit to an amusement park. 

My boys made me feel extra loved on Mother's Day, and we visited Mattie for Easter. 

June was month filled with love as we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and Father's Day. 

We enjoyed the fireworks and 4th of July celebration in downtown Savannah. 

We experienced a lot of summer fun with several trips to the beach and fun at the pool. 

Our big boys headed back to school to begin 6th grade and 2nd grade. 

We had lots of fall fun at the pumpkin patch and dressing up for Halloween.  Mattox and Grayson brought back the police and convict duo while Brody was a cute Harry Potter and Evan dressed as a dark figure of death.  

We were very thankful in November to announce our newest addition. 

December was a festive month as we celebrated our baby Grayson's 2nd birthday and Christmas. 
So long 2018.  You brought us many happy memories.

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  1. I find making Shutterfly calendars A LOT of work so way to go on getting this done! I look forward to reading more of your blogged memories as you get them done.


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