Thursday, October 25, 2018

In Memory of Grandpa

Our last grandparent and Eddie's beloved Grandpa went to heaven on October 17, 2018.  He lived his life proudly and humbly as a long-time Baptist pastor, loving and devoted son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, and great-father.  God and his family were the most important aspects of his life, and he left a wonderful legacy behind for us all to remember.  I am so sad that our younger children will not remember this wonderful man just as they won't remember most of their great-grandparents.  I have always wanted to provide my children with lots of loving family because I spent so much of my young life without much family.  I pray that we can leave the kind of legacy for our children and descendents as Grandpa and his beloved wife left for us.

Grandpa's Obituary

ROCKINGHAM — The Rev. David Edwin Hudson, 89, of Rockingham died Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018.
He was born Sept. 14, 1929, in Richmond County, the son of the late William David Hudson and Lydia Jane King.

His handsome father and beautiful mother

The Rev. Hudson was a pastor for 46 years with the Pee Dee Baptist Association, serving New Hope Baptist Church, Ellerbe, and Midway Baptist Church, Rockingham.
He was preceded in death by his wife of 49 years, Mattie Baxley Hudson, in 1998; great-granddaughter Mattie Claire Reese; his parents and stepmother, Helen Thompson Hudson; brothers Walter, Hobert, Clyde, Carl, Leroy, Marshall and George; and sisters Mary and Delilah.

Grandpa with his beautiful bride

Grandpa with his brothers Leroy and Hobert

The funeral be at 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018, at Beverly Hills Baptist Church, with the Rev. Mark Richardson officiating. Burial will follow at Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery.
Mr. Hudson is survived by his children, Dava Martin (Garry), Matthew Hudson (Patty), Rowena Reese (James Campbell) and Homa Greene; 11 grandchildren, David Byrd (Megan), Jason Byrd, Shannon Deese (Adam), Eddie Reese (Sherry), April Andrade (Bruno), Aaron Hudson (Christie), Naomi Deloach (Scott), Marian Creech, Andrew Martin (Ashley), Cecilia Robbins (Nathan) and Hudson White (Olivia); 22 great grandchildren,  Evan, Lilly, Eva, Eliza, Robert, Mason, Elena, Brody, Elliott, Ezra, Jacob, Grady, Emilia, Elisabeth, Emerson, Mattox, Clara, Grayson, Isaiah, Luke, Lydia, and Hannah;  and  siblings Margie Cobbler, Clifford, John, Larry (Darlene) and William (Pam); sister-in-law Ruby Hudson; and numerous nieces and nephews.  Mason, 

Important Pictures of Grandpa's Life

Grandpa and Grandma in their courtship

A good-looking and adventurous young couple

Movie star good looks

Their firstborn daughter, Dava, is born.
Grandpa with his first three children, Dava, Matthew, and Rowena. 
Life was good as a family of six with children, Dava, Matthew, Rowena, and Homa.
Grandpa and Grandma in the family home they built together.
Grandpa with his four children in 2015
Grandpa meeting each of our children in 2007, 2011, 2015, and 2016.  Sadly, he did not get to meet our daughter Maggie.  He was buried next to his wife Mattie and his great-granddaughter Mattie.  He loved these babies! 
I would say Great-Grandpa was the most proud of his hoard of great-grandchildren.  There were 22 when he passed away.  Counting Mattie and Maggie, he has 24. 

The Funeral

Our flower for Grandpa

Grandpa's funeral arrangements were made by his loving wife before she died in 1998.  She wanted all of her affairs in order before she died.  She suffered from the most deadly type of cancer, non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, so she knew her time was limited.   Because she is such a fighter, she lived much longer than expected and accomplished her goals!  Grandpa's casket and hers were her choices, and they were gorgeous. 

Grandpa's son and grandsons carried his casket. 

We know he is not here now.  He was in heaven with his wife the moment he left us. 

Grandma also picked their headstone. 

Handsome Evan, firstborn great-grandchild, had to lose his coat because it was so hot in mid-October. 

The grandchildren all took a few of Grandpa's flowers to remember him. 

Brody lost his coat too. 

Thank you, Grandpa, for loving your family and for living a life that made us all proud!

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