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Sweet Mattie is our beautiful little girl who was born at 41 weeks gestation on June 30, 2013 after a very normal and healthy pregnancy.  Mommy had never gone into labor on her own and had to be induced with both of her sons.  She was scheduled to go in on Monday morning at 41 weeks to be induced, but Mattie decided she was ready to come on Sunday instead.  Upon arriving at the hospital, our worst fears were realized.  Our sweet little one had recently gone to heaven due to complications with her umbilical cord during labor and delivery.  She is a very important part of our family, and we will never forget her.

Posts about Mattie: 

A Special Surprise!

First Pictures

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21 & 22 Weeks

23 & 24 Weeks

Nursery Plans

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28 Weeks

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32 Weeks

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38 Weeks

Mattie's Nursery

40 Weeks

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Mommy's Special Words to Mattie

Daddy's Special Words to Mattie

Mattie's 1 Month Birthday

Mattie's 2 Month Birthday

Mattie's Memorial Book

Mattie's 3 Month Birthday

Daddy's Message About Grieving for Mattie

Our 1st Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Our Tips On Helping a Loved One Coping With Losing A Child

Mattie's 4 Month Birthday

Mattie's 5 Month Birthday

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Mattie's 7 Month Birthday

Mattie's 8 Month Birthday

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Mattie's 1 Year Birthday 

Celebrating Mattie's 1st Birthday

Mattie's 2nd Christmas in Heaven

Mattie's 2nd Birthday

Celebrating Mattie's 2nd Birthday

Mattie's 3rd Christmas 

Mattie's 3rd Birthday

Celebrating Mattie's 3rd Birthday

Mattie's 4th Christmas 

Mattie's 4th Birthday

Celebrating Mattie's 4th Birthday

Mattie's 5th Christmas 

Mattie's 5th Birthday

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