Sherry's Bucket List

You probably know this drill.  Make a list of things you want to accomplish before you "kick the bucket."  Made famous by the popular box office hit Bucket List.  This is my list which is a work in progress and may change as the years go by.  Some things have already been accomplished, some things will take a lifetime to accomplish, and some things (hopefully only a few) may never come to fruition, but here it is in all its glory:

  • 1. Lead someone to Christ *
  • 2. Live a life that is pleasing to Him *
  • 3. Love another with all my heart **
  • 4. Marry the man of my dreams **
  • 5. Have a family with a husband I adore **
  • 6. Be a fantastic mother *
  • 7. Be a great wife *
  • 8. Give my kids the happiest childhood imaginable *
  • 9. Make a positive difference in someone's life *
  • 10. Be a great friend *
  • 11. Graduate from college **
  • 12. Graduate from law school **
  • 13. Have a successful and rewarding career *
  • 14. Read all classical literature *
  • 15. Learn (really learn) a foreign language...or two * (I have taken Spanish and Italian but really only retained a sprinkling of each although I can read it better than speak it.  As a family, we learned a little German too in preparation for a future trip.)
  • 16. Help the less fortunate *
  • 17. Live each day to the fullest *
  • 18. Go on a mission trip to Africa
  • 19. Go on a whale watching expedition
  • 20. Travel to London
  • 21. Travel to Ireland
  • 22. Travel to Paris
  • 23. Travel around the United States *
  • 24. Take my children to the beach **
  • 25. Take my children to the mountains **
  • 26. Take my children on an airplane ride **
  • 27. Have an unforgettable honeymoon **
  • 28. Kiss my husband and children every day *
  • 29. Travel to Hawaii **
  • 30. Travel to NYC **
  • 31. See a show on Broadway **
  • 32. Stand on the top of the Empire State Building **
  • 33. Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty 
  • 34. Travel to Washington, D.C. **
  • 35. Visit the Smithsonian least part of it **
  • 36. Cruise the Mediterranean (the only cruise I care to go on)
  • 37. Visit Disney World **
  • 38. Take my children to Disney World **
  • 39. Go snorkeling (in Hawaii) **
  • 40. Visit the White House (inside)
  • 41. Go horseback riding on the beach (I have barely even ridden a horse, but I think this would be so romantic.)
  • 42. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge **
  • 43. Go hiking in Yosemite **
  • 44. See the Giant Sequoias and Redwoods...biggest trees on Earth **
  • 45. Wine tasting in Napa **
  • 46. Travel by train overnight
  • 47. Learn to ski
  • 48. Learn to waterski
  • 49. See the sugar white sands of the Gulf coast
  • 50. See Niagara Falls
  • 51. See Mt. Rushmore
  • 52. See Yellowstone National Park
  • 53. See Old Faithful 
  • 54. Watch a sunrise or sunset (from the beach in Hawaii) **
  • 55. Eat at a little sidewalk cafe in Paris
  • 56. Visit the Louvre
  • 57. See the Mona Lisa 
  • 58. Kiss on the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • 59. Travel to Easter Island
  • 60. Visit the Mayan and Aztec temples
  • 61. Visit Egypt and see the Great Pyramids
  • 62. Travel to Venice
  • 63. Ride in a gondola in Venice
  • 64. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa 
  • 65. Travel to Rome
  • 66. Visit the Vatican and see the Sistine Chapel
  • 67. Travel to Turkey (where my parents once lived)
  • 68. Travel to Greece
  • 69. See Olympia and the Statue of Zeus (one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world)
  • 70. Travel to Russia
  • 71. Travel to Hungary (or any of eastern Europe)
  • 72. Travel to Germany
  • 73. Visit Switzerland and see the Swiss Alps
  • 74. Travel to Australia
  • 75. See Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
  • 76. See the Great Wall of China
  • 77. See the Northern Lights 
  • 78. Visit Jerusalem
  • 79. Visit the Grand Canyon
  • 80. Visit an Amish community ** (Lancaster, PA)
  • 81. Dance in the rain **
  • 82. Sail off into the sunset (did a dinner cruise in the evening in Maui on a yacht so I guess this will probably have to count as sailing off into the sunset...I get seasick so sailing is not that fun for me!) **
  • 83. Kissing under a waterfall (I regret not doing this on my honeymoon in Maui.  I just have to convince my husband to share in the adventure.)
  • 84. Take a moonlit walk on the beach ** 
  • 85. Go to a drive-in movie theater (I just have to find one!) 
  • 86. Sew a quilt by hand (I made a tie quilt when I was young by myself although my grandmother sewed the edges for me.  I guess this will have to count although I would love to piece a quilt by hand.) ** 
  • 87. Take awesome photographs of my life and travels! *
  • 88. Celebrate my 50th Wedding Anniversary *
  • 89. Create Family Traditions *
  • 90. Have no regrets at the end *
  • * Working on it.
  • ** Already accomplished


  1. I just checked out your bucket list and I have actually been to quite a few of the places mentioned (but not all of them). I really like your ones which are hard to mark as accomplished like numbers 2, 6, 7 and 8 which are the really important things in life.

    1. Yep, those will never be ** because they are always a work in progress! ;-)

  2. Sherry, I clicked on your link about 2hrs ago and expected to see a "little story" or something. I cant stop reading. This is just amazing. You are just an amazing person - mom, wife, relative and I am sure you are a "true" friend to all your friends too. I am just in awe. I like bucket list number 70 the most. I hope I can achieve that too. I have no idea where you get the time and energy to do all you do and get time to maintain this blog but more power to you!! Keep it up - who knows what could happen from these "hmble beginnings". Good luck Sherry with the new baby and everything else in your life!


    1. Awww, Pikiswa, how did you find me on here! I am glad you did. I am assuming from my Rufus profile. It is the best way I have found to keep up with documenting our family memories with the rest of my life being so crazy and hectic right now. I know you of all people know exactly what I mean. You are pretty amazing too! I am actually looking forward to graduation now that I have decided to take a break before beginning the dreaded bar prep tasks. I hope you'll stay in touch after graduation!


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